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Thread: 08/03/2013 - Dyno Day at Carlisle, PA @ JK-Tuning

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2013-08-02 19:30:44
Originally Posted by Nitelife
Yeah weather is looking not so good now. I checked earlier today and they said T-storms would be possible starting around 1pm (40% chance). Now they are saying it will start raining with the same chance at 4am and the T-storms should fire up at 1pm. Typical.

I know they have a garage of some sort to house the dyno. Will we all be able to fit in there?

I'm kind of on the fence. I want to see everyone and see the Nismotronic demo, but I'm not going to be walking/standing outside in the rain to shoot the $hit and look at peoples cars. My .02; I guess I'll keep an eye on things.

If the weather sucks and there's no shelter inside I know where I'm going... Carlisle Pubtivities - Market Cross Pub & Brewery

I'll figure out which car I'm bringing tomorrow after a final weather check. Guess I had better wash the XE tonight, just in case.
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2013-08-02 19:39:57
You guys are softer than baby shit. Come on!
2013-08-02 19:43:36
Originally Posted by Kyle
You guys are softer than baby shit. Come on!

I'll be there.
2013-08-02 23:29:33
Shined up shitbox, just in case...

2013-08-02 23:54:58
I better see some SE-Rs gawd dammit.
2013-08-03 00:39:17
If it rains I have to bring the XE to show off my variable wiper mod.

BTW, I shined her up with tire dressing. Long story, but true. Old school bus detailing trick...
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2013-08-03 02:12:57
We will have more than enough space for people to be inside, so don't worry about getting stuck in the rain.

We have two shops and a full show room that people will be able to view to some degree throughout the day!

There will be a few some spots inside if weather would happen to get bad .. but hey they called for this type of weather in the area pretty much the last 2-3 days (except today of course) and it only rained for a couple mins here!

As a little added bonus.. my dad will be driving in a 2010 GTR that we will likely be able to throw on the dyno sometime in the afternoon.
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2013-08-03 02:20:03
I think I should be there. I found a leaking rear brake caliber tonite when I got home. Has a lifetime warranty, so should have it replaced and ready to rock tommor. Do you need to bleed all brake lines or only the one where I replaced the caliber?? Just did them all when I did the ad22vf upgrade.

I think I should be there around 1pm. What is the actual address so I know where I am going??
2013-08-03 02:23:08
Originally Posted by blckse-r
What is the actual address so I know where I am going??


1787 West Trindle Rd
Bldg A Suite 800
Carlisle PA 17015
2013-08-03 02:25:56
You can use this map to get directions .. I would suggest using the directions from this map since it uses latitude and longitude so it won't get you lost!

J-K Tuning
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