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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32V SR16VE Helical LSD

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2015-02-05 17:35:25
2015-02-06 15:06:30
Originally Posted by MFactory
I'm guessing no one wants an LSD anymore, now that the remainder payments are due?

Well, considering that it's a year late, and you've had money from some of us for a year and a half, and in my case, my OEM differential as well, I'd say it's not exactly shocking that people have moved on.
2015-02-06 15:31:50
My post wasn't meant to be serious or offend, was just slight sarcasm. If it offended, please accept my sincerest apologies.

The LSD wasn't one year late. "Most" of the wait was due to testing, which we have no control over.

I understand that to some, this may just seem like another excuse, so if anyone wants a refund of their deposit, I'm more than happy to offer one.

However, if you do want an LSD in future, the MSRP is $749.95 + shipping

2015-02-07 14:34:54
Can people still get in on the initial buy if they pay in full?
2015-02-07 15:55:58
Yes, you have till the end of this weekend
2015-02-07 16:35:48
The LSD was months late regardless of testing issues and problems from the forum members. We had to provide you with samples because I guess no one else in your company could take apart a transmission to source a diff for yourselves? Sure that testing and fitment issue on us, but you also asked us to do that. We were not responsible for months of production delays.

Second, you send me the email on the 5th. That prompted me to begin to transfer funds from my bank account to the PayPal account. Maybe that will clear today, maybe it will not. Perhaps some patience in this transaction would be GREATLY appreciate since we have mutually been respectful in our patience with you in this mutually beneficial relationship we are about to embark upon, finally.

Third, I do appreciate that you can apologize quickly and realize that comment may not be taken well since it is simply text with zero context from your end.

Lastly, I will send you the rest of the money when the money clears in PayPals little system of stupidity. I am still interested and still wish to purchase one. I cannot think of a better component for my street cars to replace the old and worn out VLSD unit. I thank you for offering this alternative. If you would take a credit card number over the phone and this payment "issue" would not be an issue.

Thank you.
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2015-02-07 16:42:02
Yes, I do sincerely apologise for my lack of judgement/sarcasm. I was just expecting that out of the 25+ people that I emailed, more would have replied back to me (only 2 people replied), or even a post in this thread. I guess I was just excited in the moment, being able to share the good news, but then getting little response

Once again, my original comment was not to offend, and I sincerely apologise if it did.
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2015-02-08 23:24:01
2015-02-10 13:39:55
2015-02-10 16:43:54
Five days later and money is still in LIMBO. I dislike PayPal very much. This most recent event has compounded that attitude further.
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