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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32V SR16VE Helical LSD

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2014-10-10 20:48:30
can you show me the other side of the diff Dave?
2014-10-10 20:56:55
The other side is solid
2014-10-11 06:53:05
Originally Posted by Dave_SR20
The other side is solid

nice to compare that side to mine
2014-10-11 08:28:57
The only shims you should be changing are the ones under the bearing races. Install the diff as its supplied.
2014-10-13 15:55:42
@TheSam or @UNISA JECS Do you guys know of any video or picture references on how to shim it?
2014-10-14 07:32:10
Which box is it going into a 70v?
2014-10-14 08:53:37

Pages 51 and 52
2014-10-14 11:47:22
Yes. Thank you
2014-10-15 08:32:54
shimming 101
thought i might share what i found out about this to help the others following. firstly this is a diff shim. when mine was pulled apart it had multiple shims in it, after the new diff went in, it was measured and found that one had to come out.


i dont know what the availability on all the different shims (thickness wise) is like in the usa, but in australia there is none genuine. amayama has some, if you want to wait, or you could get something like these, and make your own, or get a local engineering place to make them.


now these shims help the diff sit snug in the transmission case. getting the right clearance is important to preserve the bearings. to tight and it wont spin, too loose and the bearings will wear. it will take time, and maybe a few fitments, to get it right. here's a picture of mine, you can see the shim in there, tucked underneath the outer bearing shell.


my guys reckon most factory shim specs are too tight. they suggest the widest clearance within spec. shim spec list.

2014-10-15 17:31:01
Good work man. Thanks for the pics
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