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Thread: The parts you are looking for thread...

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2009-11-04 18:03:19
Originally Posted by canx2k
For the love of god - a n1 tb adaptor for the VE and a cruise control bracket for the VE.

these both have been needing to be made for YEARS and there's at LEAST 30 guys here who want the cruise bracket and are sick of their back yard fixes.

My boy is selling one on the other board. 100 obo tomei adapter for n1 tb - SR20 Forum
2009-11-04 20:08:41
The N1 throttle body adapter we can make and make pretty fast. How many would be interested?
2009-11-04 20:27:12
you might be better off making an adaptor for the q45 one simply because they are more readily available than the n1 - but most of us would be more interested in the cruise bracket.
2009-11-04 21:55:36
I dont think we can do the cruise bracket not knowing or having all the parts to make it. It maybe simple to make but we just dont have the parts available to do it.

On another note, we should have the throttle body adapter plate available soon. Might also make the adapter for the 90mm throttle body
2009-11-04 22:11:27
noice! What I may do if you want, is draw up the diagram complete with cuts in the steel that need to be made, the bends, etc, the measurements, and you can make it from there right? if so, then that's definatly something I'd be willing to help with.
2009-11-04 22:59:04
It may not be a bad idea, but we want to test it here before we send any kind of parts out.
2009-11-04 23:37:56
radiator diverter panel b13/14
2009-11-05 21:21:03
Turbo manifold that will fit a GT28RS on the intake side and below for the hot side piping, and clear a/c.
2009-11-05 22:18:56
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
1.) VE curise bracket

3.) Oil pan skid plate for a B13 91-94 FWD SR20DE. I'm not rocking the splash guards, and I thought this would be nice to have for safety on a expensive build.

2009-11-06 07:55:37
Valve Spring Changer would be an awesome tool, handy, and easier installation for changing valve springs.

This one is made by Buddy Club and only offered to K20/F20 Motors. TODA Racing Makes em as well but for K20/F20 Motors

Toda Racing:

make em for SR20 Motors!!! I know a lot of guys would want this tool.
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