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Thread: Crank Case Ventilation fully explained. (Naturally aspirated edition.)

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2011-06-17 18:04:00
I think the restrictor also works to stop liquid oil from going through. I've seen a bunch of oil up to the restrictor, after it was mainly oil vapors.
2011-06-17 18:18:00
That could also be true Vadim. I'm certainly not 100% on what the restrictors are for. It seems very odd to have such large piping everywhere yet have these two restrictors in place. Maybe it does add another layer of oil protection.
2011-06-17 18:54:56
Since i have a regular hose there. (and i just took the upper intake off) I noticed a bit of oil in there and on the runners.
2011-06-22 18:44:35
Wow, great info Ben! I learn something new everyday on this forum. Before I read this I knew the PCV valve and the hose going to the intake pipe helped to ventilate the crankcase but beyond that I had no idea. Everybody should read stuff like this to up their "moto iq". (<-- stolen from Kojima).

And I thought phixer's post was pretty funny.
2011-07-15 08:56:32
@ Ben ok so on a VE motor, if I'm installing a vacuum pump, do I also hug off the PCV line going form the VC to the IM? I'm running full standalone right now.

I think eliminating the IAVC may also neaten up the bay.
2011-07-29 15:47:20
SR20_Guy, sorry for the late reply. It depends on how often you're going to run the vacuum pump. If you are running the pump only at WOT or high throttle positions then you still need the PCV line. If you're going to run the pump all the time (assuming it can handle continuous running and you can put up with the noise) then you don't need the PCV line anymore.
2011-07-29 15:47:50
This thread made it as an article on MotoIQ. Check it out:

Crankcase Ventilation Explained - N/A Edition
2011-07-29 19:56:08
Congrats man
2011-07-29 20:03:59
Congratulations Ben, well deserved place on MotoIQ
2011-07-29 22:28:04
And here I was thinking I was being witty with the whole MotoIQ reference, but it's published over there now! Good job!
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