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Thread: "THE" Definitive Tire Thread

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2012-03-09 00:04:46
Added. Thanks.

I know I know, I've got some SERIOUS updating to do. I say that, and then never actually do it. I wish there were a way to transfer ownership of the thread to an OCD member...

Keep pinging me though, and I'll eventually take care of the updates! I'll be on travel for the next three weeks so maybe I'll have time after class to do some cleaning.
2012-03-09 00:11:06
Welcome to my own personal hell.
2012-03-09 00:17:37
2012-11-05 19:32:54
@Shawn B

You now own this thread too
2014-01-27 19:35:56
I forgot about this thread but I have some updates in tire decisions and experiences I have had since last time I bought new tires. Now, that I am heading into a different direction and dropping all-season tires, here we go.

Car: 1992 Sentra SE-R
Suspension: Stock
Wheels: Stock B14 wheels
Brand: Dunlop
Model: Direzza ZII
Size: 185/60-14
Weight: 17 lbs.
Use: Occasional drive/Convention travel trip or track day on drag strip or road course.
Life: 05/29/2013 to present
Cost: $129 a tire

Review: I had a blast with these tires at the 2013 Convention (for those who saw me, you know this was true!) I have little experience with nice tires because I usually purchase all-season tires so this is a nice change. The summer tires have opened my eyes and when they are made to evacuate water very effectively, you can see my ears get perked up. This newest set of summer tires redefines how a proper summer tire should be made. That was the largest advantage I saw being offered from new tires for 2013 from Dunlop and BFG (rivals). Direzza ZII blow BFG Rivals out on water tests while BFG Rivals do a small bit better in dry than the Dunlop ZII.

I drove 760 miles to GA and back. 26 laps at AMP and ~26 drag strip passes in the ol stock and slow B13. I went through the first set of wear indicators on the tires and developed a strong shoulder wear on my RH side tire (since AMP was left-turn European style instead of the traditional right-turn American style). The rears are beautiful. After the drag racing day, I decided a rotation was in order for the return trip home and they have been on the stock wheels on the car ever since.
2014-01-27 19:58:36
Car: 1995 200SX SE-R
Suspension: KYB AGX and Hypercoils
Wheels: Stock B14 SE-R wheels
Brand: Nokian
Model: Hakkapeliitta R2
Size: 195/55-15
Weight: ?? lbs.
Use: Winter DD duty
Life: 02/01/2014 to April, 2014; first season. 12/6/2014 second season.
Cost: $146 a tire

Review: Installed 02/01/2014, still not at 300 miles but they are feeling better after the first week of going to work and back. They handled a good amount of heavy and wet snow like a BOSS and took on some ice later this week.

These things are flipping awesome. I will never buy an all-season tire again.
Last edited by Kyle on 2014-12-06 at 22-50-58. Reason: new photo
2014-01-27 20:34:05
Car: 1991 100NX GTi
Suspension: Stock
Wheels: Stock Nissan Alloys
Brand: Nokian
Model: WR D3
Size: 175/60-15
Weight: Unknown
Use: Moving the car from storage<->garage during winter. <1000km/winter
Life: xx/xx/2014 to present
Cost: $103 a tire

Review: Winter. Needed something to keep me from sliding into a ditch when I occasionally move my car from storage to garage. Hopped online and ordered the cheapest Nokian friction tires available. I've always used studded tires on my daily driver, but I figured I might test a set of friction tires just for the heck of it! The WR D3 is made for center-european winters, with temperatures ranging from -5*C to +5*C. If you use it in colder temps, you might not get as good grip. During my harsh test at -15*C, I expected some slipup. There was none! I was amazed, but I wouldn't want to panic brake with these on ice. I'll take studded any day for a DD! On snow and wet surfaces, these should also perform better than their studded sibling. They are also very silent. I think it'll take awhile before I wear these out..

Cheap, but not reccomended for DD-ing in hard winter conditions!
2014-01-29 01:27:34
4 tire reviews in one go

Car: 1991 Honda Crx Si (Solo STS prepped)
Suspension: Koni Yellows Shortened SPSS valved, GC Coils 350/450, ST rear bar, bunch of alignment arms, lots of camber/toe out, very very low to the ground.

Wheels: 15x7.5 6ul
Brand: Toyo
Model: R1R
Size: 195/50-15
Weight: Unknown
Use: Autocross only
Life: n/a

Review: Toyo good from cold, immense amount of grip for a street tire, has the magic pixie dust in this size. great grip all the way down to nearly no tread. After 2nd Lap, requires watering down between runs to cool down else they get greasy n slippery. Great shaved on dry days. On a hot day, perhaps requires watering even after the 1st lap. Great cold/wet tire. Probably the best wet tire i've driven on at full tread. 140aa wears down quickly, in another year will not be ST legal. great steering feel and great for a precise driver.

Wheels: 15x7 enkei rpf1
Brand: dunlop
Model: z1 star specs
Size: 205/50-15
Weight: Unknown
Use: Autocross only
Life: n/a

Review: decent tire from cold not as good as r1r, gets greasy after 3rd lap, requires watering on a hot day. lacks outright grip in all situations compared to r1r and bfg r1 rivals

Wheels: 15x7 enkei rpf1
Brand: bfg
Model: r1 rivals
Size: 205/50-15
Weight: Unknown
Use: Autocross only
Life: n/a

Review: not great from cold, requires some latent heat else slippery as heck. usually requires a 15 min drive then bagging before runs, or your first lap is a throw away. great in hot temps, after 4th or 5th lap requires watering. this tire i swear does not wear down, it will heat cycle out before u go through tread, lasts forever. not great in standing water, damp is ok, but a bit hairy as the there isnt much temp in the tire. very audible tire, gives u lots of feedback before it gives up. also allows a lot of slip angle, u can get the rear loose and stand on the throttle and it'll slowly rotate back.

Car: 1990 Nissan Pulsar Gtir (JDM)
Suspension: BC Racing coils, 7kg/6kg, whiteline rear adjustable bar, whiteline rear subframe lock kit, front anti lift kit, poly bushed, camber plate in front, crash bolts below. 1.5inches lower than stock, cusco front upper and rear bar, 2.5 degress front camber, 1 deg in rear. 0 toe.

Wheels: 15x7 enkei es tarmac's
Brand: bridgestone
Model: re11
Size: 205/50-15
Weight: Unknown
Use: daily and autocross
Life: quite good i've put on about 50 autox laps and about 15000km's on these in about 2.5yrs

quiet tire
great wet traction
good from cold
gets greasy after 2 laps
very audible
soft sidewall, requires a lot of psi (autox i run 46/43psi)
lacks outright traction in dry compared to toyo r1r and bfg rival
lacks outright traction in wet compared to toyo r1r
its a great daily tire and i would recommend for a daily street car. i've run in temps as low as 1 deg and still has great traction, beware of ice/snow tho.. i would not recommend it.
Last edited by nickr on 2014-01-29 at 01-29-17.
2014-12-06 17:34:59
Thanks to the folks updating.

@Kyle and @nickr looks like I'll be buying the Toyo R1R or the Direzza ZII's. I've currently got the Direzza Star Specs first gen and they have been fantastic, the latest ones from reviews even better.

I'll review in a few months.
2014-12-06 21:40:55
Originally Posted by Shawn
Thanks to the folks updating.

@Kyle and @nickr looks like I'll be buying the Toyo R1R or the Direzza ZII's. I've currently got the Direzza Star Specs first gen and they have been fantastic, the latest ones from reviews even better.

I'll review in a few months.

@Shawn B

If you're planning to compete in autox,

the new standard will be 200tw for street and street touring. there might be a fire sale on the 140tw r1r's soon

r1r's in 200tw should be out shortly in a couple months or so
direzza star spec as well
kumho i forgot their 200tw competitive autox tire, however initial testing shows it being slow

current 200tw tires
hankook rs3 v2 (tried in a sts prepped crx)
bfg r1 rival (tried in a sts prepped crx)
re11a (apparently quite good in wet, don't have experience in these)

the hankook rs3 v2 looks to be fairly competitive as its meant to turn on sooner, i am considering going on these in the ap2 s2000 i will be competing in 255/40/17's

this is what 195/50/15 r1r's on 15x7's on a 2950lbs jdm gtir with 2 people and full fuel looks like
61/39 weight distribution
i took these off the es miata i codrive with as i needed something to replace my re11's.
the car is under tired, it needs at least a minimum 225/45/15 to 245/40/15 on 15x9's 1to be competitive on a street tire
it makes around 300/280 tq with a torsen diff in front, stock centre viscous, and nismo 2 way rear diff
600/700lbs on gc advance design dbl adjustables, gc caster/camber plate, whiteline rear sway bar, tdmimports bumpsteer kit, 3.4 caster, 2.8 camber, 0.05 out front ,and 0 rear, 1.5 camber rear
needs more caster and more camber in front and 0.05 more out toe out front and rear.
also could use the 2jracing roll centre ball joint.
the gtir is just a fun car, not a great autox car, better on track, im out of boost in all the low speed stuff. also had the rear sway bar set at the middle setting and less aggressive to allow the person im coaching to experience something with more power and awd, without it being overly loose.
Last edited by nickr on 2014-12-06 at 21-53-19.
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