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Thread: Converting obd1 to obd2 dizzy?

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2014-06-06 00:55:23
Converting obd1 to obd2 dizzy?
Has anyone here converted from OBD1 to an OBD2 (b14 or B15) distributor? Looking to see if anyone has a link to a diagram or schematics to wire in one to a b13. Trying to eliminate the whole external coil/ignitor nonsense.
2014-06-06 17:22:06
I did for the reasons you mentioned. The plugs are different, i just went through the respective FSMs and put on the B14 plugs to my OBD1 harness. I will grab some diagrams for you.
2014-06-06 18:04:57
I'm running a ve dizzy on my b13 with no issues even on boost. My b13 external coil ign. was crazy high voltage compared to my current setup. I think the obd1 has a bit stronger spark then the obd2 from what I have experienced.
2014-06-07 15:17:23
I ended up wiring the car up using the JWT write up in their tech section. We have had success upwards of 300whp N/A with internal coil. A lot of the local big turbo cars are running an external coil for stronger spark.
2014-06-17 15:24:03
Good to hear!
2014-06-17 17:17:50
Pics or it didn't happened!
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