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Thread: Need help identifying wiring harness

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2014-03-22 00:25:42
Need help identifying wiring harness
So i have a 1992 NX with a RR motors in it. The harness that was originally in the car when i bought it with the rr motor had a few spots that had been tampered. So i decided to replace it with a nice fresh used one. So the issue i have is that the white plug that goes under the dash is the same female plug on both sides. I looked at my original harness and it has the male end. So i did a little searching and figure i must have bought a 93-94 harness. No big deal, ill just swap the pins. I then realized it didnt have the eccs relay in it and that my new harness used a 6 pin relay. So now i am not sure what harness i have since everything i have found says that the relay is 4 pin on all 91-94 harnesses. I will unload photos here shortly. Any help that can steer my in the right direction will be appreciated

the one on the right is the original

This is the relay connector

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2014-03-22 12:39:52
Pictures added
2014-03-22 12:54:36
91-92 harnees are different from 93-94. you need the correct connector for what year your car is. SO you have a 92 and need a 91/92 wire harness. If you have a 93-94 harness you will see the pinouts from the harness are different and have to be swapped.

im not exactly sure what you are asking seem to have it figured out
2014-03-22 14:33:29
Need help identifying wiring harness
The 6 pin relay is what threw me off.
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