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Thread: Components in the Rear

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2012-06-08 20:13:09
Components in the Rear
I recently got some Focal Access components for the front and so far have been really liking them. I can now hear my Polk DB651's lagging in the back. I considered getting Focal Access coaxiles, but they are not much cheaper then the Components, thus I'm considering doing those in the rear too.

Is it a complete waste of time and money to do that, or would the rear passengers get better sound along with enhancing the overall sound for the driver/front passenger?
2012-06-08 20:16:13
I always stick spare speakers, or stockers, in the rear, unamplified.
2012-06-08 21:35:17
I didn't bother with rear speakers in the Panda, went with cheapos for the back of the Tahoe
2012-06-09 01:24:18
i was planning a running a set of coponents in the rear. wit hthe highs in the Cpillar. my wifes cougar has something similar & it makes for a nice sound spectrum since i have them set different then the fronts.
2012-06-09 01:48:58
Below is a pic of what I did. I say go for the components in the rear. It is hard for me to tell what the true sound difference as I switched from tolerable regular speakers to ones that are both better and components. But between the components in the front and in the rear, it sounds really well balanced and when the music switches between speakers it is really apparent. I would definitely do it again.

2012-06-11 13:31:44
Nice! Thanks for the input guys. The reason I want to stick to components is the woofers themselves are much better quality along with tweets etc.

Now that the car is on the road, I need to listen to it more (while not listening to the engine scream when boost sets in ), then determine if it's even worth replacing them from the Polks in the rear.
2012-06-11 17:21:51
I would just run a woofer in the back, no tweet. If you sit in the back seat and have a tweeter right in your ear it will be harsh. I like back fill only, which a mid usually gives. If you want to mount the mid and tweet in the door then that would be ok.
2012-06-11 17:24:16
2012-06-11 17:34:22
Well if I mount the tweets on the back panel, then it shouldn't be too different from where coaxials keep them. Though I would be more inclined to mount them towards the front more.
2012-06-11 20:02:01
I run components in the rear of my b13. They have a coaxially mounted tweeter that is angled.
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