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Thread: installing viper 790vx alarm in b13 how hard?

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2011-04-05 19:34:20
installing viper 790vx alarm in b13 how hard?
i have some electrical knowledge, but i found a new viper 790vx alarm system locally, and was wondering how hard would it be to install in a b13? i am wanting to hook up the basics, no remote start orobviousy no auto door locks, just the basic install in the b13, i can get it install locally for around 120-150.00 but i figured if its a decently easy install i might be able to do it myself, i was just curious as to weather or not anyone else has installed their own alarm and how hard was it?
2011-04-05 19:42:06
It should be reaaallyyy easy. I got a Python 460hp which is basically a viper but with keylessentry and starter kill for $75 brand new from circuit city when they were around. I installed it on my B14 which should have more electrical than your B13 and its was super easy. Anyone thats good with installing radios and such can install their own alarm system.
2011-04-05 20:13:26
so with no door locks you have dis-arm your alarm while walking up to your car then use the key to unlock the door to get in.... spend the $20 for door solenoids...

Stealth Car Alarm Install - Honda Civic Acura Integra

that site has alot of good info.

on a b13 i would do a hood trigger, tap into the dome light for the doors, back up battery incase someone does get the hood poped and disconnects the battery, and maybe a back-up sensor, and solonoids for the doors

that goes beyond basic but makes it more usefull
2011-04-05 22:14:04
I'm considering installing an alarm myself in my truck but I'm not too sure. I think it might be over my head/skill level.
2011-04-05 23:02:59
Behind the cluster would be the easiest and still hard to get to. I have the best spot for them where even an experienced installer would not find it within a 1/2 hour.

Having been an installer for years i picked up a few tricks, but being anal helps even more. Basically you want to hide the wires so that it can not be traced back to the brain quickly. To do this right you would have to pull the harness and run all of the wire in the factory loom and tape it back up. Im sure there are very few people who have taken the time to do that.

On my B14 i had the harness out of the car and ran all of my wires in the loom and used actual factory wire. No splices were seen and nothing could be traced.

I have some pointers. On a realistic note, put the brain up high or way out of the way and run your wires smartly so they are not seen easily. Take some time and take panels off to hide the brain. I have actually done a few in the drivers door with good success. The siren must be hidden, the best spot is in between the front fender and the chassis, NOT on the firewall. Use extra sensors wisely. Glass break is almost a must, (there are ways to break glass and not set them off though), a proximity sensor can be very helpful if set up properly, and a battery back up siren will help.

They are easy to install but not quick to install correctly. Also solder your connections, this will help hide them. Scotch locks or T taps can be spotted a mile away.
2011-04-06 00:24:00
ive installed many radios and hooked up a ton of gauges and random other electrical stuff.

you guys make some good points as far as taking the time to setup the alarm in a fashion that is going to be hard to detect what is what.

basicly i can get the viper 790vx for 100.00 the guy never got around to installling it and even though its a older model it still seems like a good deal the specs for the alarm are.

*User-friendly 2-Way Remote with the
Ultimate 2-Way Security and Remote Start
*FCC-Legal Remotes - No Risk of $11,000
Forfeiture penalties per violations!
*Responder Technology: Unique LCD
Interface for 2-Way communication of
command confirmations and trigger events!
*Confirms all commands with easy-to
understand icons, plus text!
*Alerts users to security system triggers by
Beeping or Vibrating!
*Responder alerts you when
too far away to hear it.
*Only available 2-Way Remotes with 66-bit
*Vehicle Recovery System
*Parking light flash
*+/- Doorlock Polarity Outputs
*One 4-button Remote
*4 channels
*5 zones
*Flashing LED light
*Valet switch
*6 Tone Revenger Siren
*Remote Panic/Car Finder
*Super High Frequency Receiver (SHF)
*XCRS-4 relay H/D capacity satellite relay.
*Automatic configuration of remote buttons.
*All models are Clone-Safe Code Hopping
*Diesel mode with dedicated glow plug input.
*Complete engine monitoring: Voltage or Tach
*Programmable run times: 12, 24 or 60 Min.
(0-60) minutes with the Bitwriter tool).
*Dedicated factory security control wires.
*Viper GPS Tracking System: ESP serial port

Viper 790XV now includes the XHF
Super 2-Way Dipole Antenna with
about a 1/4 mile range
2011-04-08 15:33:40
the guy got backto me on the alarm and he said he would take 75.00 on it, do you think 75.00 for the alarm and 150.00 for installed for a total of 225.00 is a good price for those alarm specs?
2011-04-08 16:40:55
Seems like a good deal to me.
2011-04-08 21:50:37
Who is installing it? You want a quality install so it works correctly. But that is pretty cheap.
2011-04-09 00:21:41
spade kreations here in cincinnati, they did mostly all the custom work on this nsx

Google Image Result for http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/data/500/medium/5810nsx7.jpg

they do really awsome custom work i imagine the install would be par
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