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Thread: Bad radio reception, only with key "ON"

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2011-03-23 14:45:47
Bad radio reception, only with key "ON"
My radio reception is great but when the key is turned to the on position its horrible! STATIC.. and of course its still horrible with the car running!

any ideas on interferance? i dont not have HIDS... i do have the top off my calum basic ecu. maybe its coming from the ecu?
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2011-03-25 17:08:07
2011-03-25 22:21:52
I ment through all my speakers while using the radio only with the key on. cd's are fine! that filter is also only for if you have an amp.
2011-04-02 12:43:07
id say its a radio issue, pull the radio out and check for loose wires....
2011-04-03 09:10:16
Its RF Interference from the ECU as the ECU is only powered up when the ignition key is "on". The way the ECU casing is designed is to make it isolate the many different signals generated from getting out, and also to stop interference getting into the ECU itself and messing with it.

I get the same thing with my Consult LCD mounted near my radio. As soon as i unplug the consult LCD, reception is fine, plug it back in, reception dies.

This i've found effects some models of radio worse than others, perhaps some are more sensitive to external noise and/or have weak/poor filtering.

I've tried lots of things like RF Baluns on the cables etc. Turns out with the consult LCD, the switchmode powersupply inside is the problem. Great for efficiency and low heat, but emits a lot of high frequency RF and the case isn't sheilded inside.

I recommend putting the case back on the ECU and mounting it to the car in the original bracket (which serves to earth the case as well). I'm confident it will fix the problem.
2011-04-11 04:58:31
you can try buying a amplified antenna that mounts behind the windshield like an alarm antenna. Its get better reception plus you can shave the factory one. This fix always worked for me at circuit city. Best try I mean best buy* usually carries them
2016-06-04 22:32:57
I had this problem. I tested the source of the noise with a small FM radio and got the same noise issue when I turned the ignition switch from ACC to ON.

I replaced the ignition switch and that cured it! The biggest change I noticed was that with the old ignition switch, the radio would cut off momentarily as I turned from ACC to ON. With the new switch, the radio stays on (and still sounds good.)
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