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Thread: need help with HID wiring (have pics)

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2010-06-23 19:37:20
one thing caught my atention... unless I am mistaken ( my HID kit was a bit different and Im bad at diagnostic things by pictures), there is now, high/low beam switch, so you have a xenon kit not bi xenon, and tsurus have high/low in the same bulb right?
2010-06-23 21:28:55
yes the tsurus have low/highbeam halogen H4 bulbs for the headlamp. what i will do to make sure the highbeam still works (but will only put out the same light as low beam--I only have xenon bulbs, not bixenon) is this: I'll wire the driver's side lighting harness to activate the HIDs for the lowbeam switch, and I will wire the passenger's side to activate the HIDs for the highbeam switch.

I did some circuit testing on the stock H4 harness plug (on my 94 sentra se-r), and noticed that if I look at the plug straight on:

| - | (just imagine the top electrical socket as being higher)

the top electrical socket is powered during the lowbeam, and the left socket is powered during the higbeam. the right electrical socket, according to my 94 FSM, is the ground on both the driver and passenger side sockets.

So for the driver's side, I will wire the red wire lead from my relay harness to the top wire of the plug connector, and ground to the right wire of the plug connector.

For the passenger's side, I will wire the red wire lead from my relay harness to the left wire of the plug connector, and ground to the right wire of the plug connector.

There won't ever be any need to switch between low and highbeam with my non-bixenon HIDs, but I just don't want to leave anymore wiring just hanging around in the engine bay.
2010-06-24 11:10:09
ok well it's all wired up now, driver's side is wired for lowbeam siwtch:

and passenger side is wired for highbeam switch:

works fine. it's all soldered up now, just had to make sure it worked before doing so.


daylight testing:


before n after pics (tried to have car at same spot on the road to do a decent comparison):

H4 tsuru bulb output:

H4 4500K HID output:

2010-06-24 14:06:58
Nice. They look great man. Very bright. Compared to oem halogens how do you like them?

Don't forget to wrap those wires with black electrical. It keeps the wires and hids from getting damage or blowing fuses.
2010-06-24 15:47:20
looks very nice man!
I like the white color, quite different from mine
2010-06-24 18:31:28
Is that a DDM kit?
2010-06-24 19:01:47
david: no it is not a kit at all actually, the relay harness and ballasts were parts that my coworker gave me from his previous HID setup, and he bought me some H4 HID bulbs to work with my tsurus.

SE-R2FAST: I really like the increased light output (way better than the H4 halogens, couldn't see jack with those at night), though I think they need to be adjusted for height. I think I will be irritating alot of people on the freeway at night, since the reflector housing just spews light all over the place! Road signs light up like christmas lights from almost a 1/4 mile away. I am thinking about piecing together a projector bixenon HID kit on my own sometime down the road.

I electrical taped (3M super 88) and wire loomed all the wiring that I could, so I think I'll be ok for awhile. There is a wiring holocaust on the driver's side now. I think a wire tuck is in order very soon
2010-06-24 19:32:50
Have you tried flashing the high beams yet, since you wired them in?
2010-06-24 19:35:41
joekuh: yes, before soldering the red and black wires on the relay harness, i tested the highbeam switch. the hids stay on between switching from low to high, and vice versa.
2010-06-24 20:07:44
I was asking more about how they reacted when you simply flashed
em, like you would when you wanted someone to move out the street or something. I read that HID's dont like being flashed like that. I was just curious to see if you had done that yet.
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