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Thread: hid problums

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2010-02-23 19:59:31
hid problums
well i just ordered some hid and installed them. but now when i turn them on the motor stalls. then i start my car back up and drive a little bit while the lights are still on and turn on the blinker and the car shakes bad. could some one help me with this problum
2010-02-23 21:58:45
The car didn't have idle issues before the HID's? Maybe try bumping up the idle. The idle drops in my car when I turn them on but it doesn't stall. Try cleaning up your grounds as well. Maybe bumping up the idle a bit could help.
2010-02-24 00:20:04
I have the same issue with my ballasts. I'm going to ground them directly to the chassis and see if my issues improve. Otherwise, I'm just going to yank them and throw stock headlights in for a while until I figure out how to better install them.
2010-02-24 00:51:34
HOLD ON dont yank them out yet. my problum was the battery i went and got a new battery and everything works great now. so anyone with this problum check when you last changed your battery. i would recamend a red top
2010-02-24 11:55:55
I've got a new redtop as well. The ballast itself I think is what's faulty. It has to physically touch metal in order to energize. It's definitely causing grounding issues. I'm going to order slim ballasts so I can tuck them out of sight anyway.
2010-02-26 02:06:55
cliff what car is having the issue? the beast or the tow truck?
2010-02-26 14:32:09
Originally Posted by LIUSPEED
cliff what car is having the issue? the beast or the tow truck?

The beast. My ballasts no longer have warranty since I purchased them from you. The DS ballast doesn't seem to be grounded correctly, and it shorts out.
2010-02-26 14:44:57
interesting.. cuz the ballast i sent you were the OEM matsushi ta ballast used on lexus and toyota cars.
2010-02-26 15:13:59
They're not working correctly, this much I know. Matter of factly, I ended up tossing one of the ballasts since it stopped working all together. Ended up using one universal ballast. Now the driver's side ballast is flaking out and if the ballast isn't touching metal, it doesn't even energize. My wiring harness is good, and I've double checked/re-verified.
2010-03-02 23:05:40
I had the flickering issue back in the day then I regrounded em and ran better connectors and a optima and voila! I was at a local meet and a friend of mine wit a TC had some that went out so we popped the hood and the HID connectors were metal prongs that pluged into the stock plug and that's it!! HID's are far from plug and play after 6 diffenert sets of lights and HID kits i got it down to a science.

Cliff I have an extra ballast laying around for free if you wanna pay shipping lemme know.
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