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Thread: How to install Liuspeed cooling Panel (B14)

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2011-09-05 13:06:45
How to install Liuspeed cooling Panel (B14)
Things you will need
1. weather stripping. I used 3/16" X 3/4" closed cell

2. 5/64" drill bit
3. (2) #8 x 5/8" ss ctsk screws
4. (2) ss finishing washers

1. For the first step I chose to clear coat the panel as it's raw AL. this step is optional but if you don't want it to look dirty all the time I suggest it.

2. Next you want to install the weatherstrip on the part that will be resting against the core support so it wont rattle.

3. Next line everything up and drill two small holes in either the metal grill supports or the headlight grill supports (depending on what you have)

4. Next you will install the screws and washers and your pretty much done

5. On my specific unit I had to file about 1/16" from this corner (between the screwdrivers) to reduce interference. your mileage may vary.


installed picture

Cooling panel-9 by -JasonM-, on Flickr
2011-09-06 04:13:44
Very Nice
2011-09-06 05:10:12
looks great!!
2011-09-07 23:37:34
Looks good. Wonder if you used smaller foam, like 1/16 if it would sit any more flush to the radiator support. I suppose you could also screw it solid to the radiator support too.
2011-09-08 14:27:38
i need to switch out my tape for the thinner tape on mine rattles a bit during cooler weather and is buggin me :P
2011-09-09 19:55:06
I wanted there to be alot of coushin bc there is a bumper on top of the hood that squishes it down and between the cams and prothanes I wanted fully collapsed weatherstripping to take the slack so I would not have any vibrations.
2011-09-10 06:51:46
Why not just try some 3m automotive tape?
2011-09-10 12:30:16
I didn't use it bc of the vibrations my car has the 3m tape is open cell and thin so the bumper on top of the hood will completely compress it and could cause a vibration. Plus the weatherstripping is much eaisier to remove if needed. I'm sure that the 3m foam tape (green checkered stuff) could do well also. But in person it doesn't look bad sticking up 1/16" and I don't have any rattles so I'm happy with it.
2011-09-11 14:04:40
I'm definately going to have to jump in on the next group buy, looks great.
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