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Thread: Update On Page 2 Need Opinions, Please Check It Out

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2008-09-06 22:29:18
Update On Page 2 Need Opinions, Please Check It Out
okay guys, relaxing for a little bit and i figured id post and see if anyone has ideas.

93 Sentra
1.6 to 2.0 swap
SSAC Headers

So my car has been running okay lately, some problems every once n a while, but its pissing me off now.

It usually runs pretty good, its always hard to start in the morning, or if its been sitting for a while, almost like the symptoms of leaky injectors to where i have to play with the pedal to keep it running then its fine. Replaced the whole fpr, rail and injectors 3 times already.

So today i had an interview and i went to get something to eat before.
-Last night after i washed it, it was bogging kinda weird, i would start to let the clutch out and it would sputter.

-So im driving and its bogging and sputtering again, WTF, get to Burger king, shut it off, come back out and it just cranks and cranks, no sign of starting at all.

-Pull it home, go to checkers get plugs and a fuel filter, replaced the plugs, fires right up, still sputtering, blowing black smoke, but if i slowly rev it, sounds perfect.

-Shut it off to do the fuel filter, replaced it, now it does it again...put the old one back on, still nothing.

Its pissing me off, im starting a new job monday, and i need the car...

Heres the weird part, read the whole thing though, when i went to do my timing, did the dance and put the light on it, and its wayyyy off, like the marks are literally facing the firewall, so i try to advance it, and the most i can get it to go, it shows like 5 degrees advanced..Doesnt detonate on 91, but still kinda weird http://www.sr20-forum.com/images/smilies/confused.gif

Any ideas!!!!!?????

-Still in search of vac leaks
-Has gas
-Spark plugs at .044, look good still

Im lost
2008-09-06 22:41:32
Maybe pull the dist. cap and #1 plug and make sure #1 TDC, the rotor, and the timing marks all line up.
2008-09-06 22:46:31
Maybe the drive end of the dist. came loose and spun? Rotor loose?
2008-09-06 23:00:51
i put 3 different dist on it and still nothing, they all look fine too..

ill check out what you said in your first post...

but if they dont, whats the fix? explain please?

2008-09-06 23:01:52
i had a b13 where the rotor fell off inside the cap, wouldn't run at all, just crank. if this happened after washing, pull off the distributor cap and dry it out, probably has condensation in there. check the cap and report back.
2008-09-06 23:05:28
If #1 TDC, Crankshaft TDC, and #1 on the distributor don't all line up, then either 1) the outside of the balancer slipped (which won't make it run bad, only make it impossible to time) or 2) the engine internally jumped time.
2008-09-06 23:08:41
Check to make sure the crank pulley hasn't came apart. If your timing marks are way off you may be setting the timing using a false reading. Black smoke can be a sign of running rich.

Same thing happened to Sentrixx.
2008-09-06 23:13:09
Well the old plugs deffinatly showed signs of running rich, but without being able to see the right timing, how am i supposed to advance it??

im gunna go mess with it right now, but even with all these i think it should still start just fine, unless its flooded.
2008-09-06 23:38:30
Originally Posted by NoLmit-B13
without being able to see the right timing, how am i supposed to advance it??
By ear.
2008-09-06 23:43:21
yea looks like it....but timing or not, this fawker should still at least give a sputter when trying to start, im getting nothing but dry cranks.
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