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Thread: heat shield for bottom of hood.

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2008-08-05 22:04:51
heat shield for bottom of hood.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to insulate the inside of the hood with. My stock stuff got thrown away by accident and im just seeing what other people use because i cant find a stock one at the junk yard.
2008-08-06 01:26:13
Dynomat makes some sort of stuff that is supposed to work pretty well.
google it.
2008-08-07 05:07:15
thanks. found it. them and also summit sells this stuff ment to go on ur hood also. i kinda wanna do the inside of my car with that dynomat stuff along the firewall. looks like some good stuff. gotta love me some top mount turbo action.
2008-08-07 07:38:32
I got some of the sound deadener stuff from dynomat. Got a really good deal on the big kit on Amazon (the whole car kit was cheaper than the door panel kit at best buy!) So far I've only stuck it around the rear speaker deck but it definatly made a big difference in the sound of the speakers. They're much clearer and bassier now. Only down side is it works so well it's noticably muffled the sub in the trunk...gotta do some figuring on that one... kinda hoping I've just got a wire crossed somewhere or screwed up the amp settings, otherwise either dynomat works EXTREMELY well or I've blown a 10" sub...
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