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Thread: Is there a SR20 rebuilt motor market?

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2008-08-05 13:58:01
Is there a SR20 rebuilt motor market?
I asked a few years ago if there is a market for rebuilt motors in stages like VW has. If not, why do you think that is other than the fact that the SR market is obviously cheap. JDM motors are getting old as they sit around. Discuss.
2008-08-05 15:14:13
I wouldn't mind an SR that has been rebuilt with all new gaskets and maybe even port polished
2008-08-05 15:25:44
I would love the option to buy a nice remanned SR. My car is going to trip 200k next month.
2008-08-05 15:39:45
i would love something like this.

ian i have asked myself many times why there is no one building say crate motors, turbo, n/a whatever the buyer has in mind.

the reason is the majority of the community is cheap.

2008-08-05 15:52:18
Me, personally, would constantly have 2nd thoughts about it. Reasons that come to mind are: reputation and how detail-oriented the person who is doing the work is, cost, shipping, cost, and probably cost.

Now, for me, I think it would be MUCH cheaper to buy a $300 motor, get it assembled at my local machine shop, cleaned also, etc, than to pay someone in another state to buy a $300 motor and pay labor to install new parts/rebuild. Then, shipping.

Now, lets say, for instance. Some of us come upon a free block and just need new parts installed. I would pay for shipping to the person, plus the parts, etc. Then shipping back.

Then...there's the whole thing about some people will want to ship out a block with parts they have laying around to use on the rebuild and the person rebuilding may say that the parts are bad, then the customer gets mad saying his stuff was good and then there's a whole lotta drama.

I, personally, would only stick to rebuilding for friends or people living VERY close to me, or have a HUGE list of what is permitted/not permitted (like using ALL new parts). But, then, again, that leads to a MUCH higher cost.

Ugh...everytime I type something, I think of something worse...and the bad things that could happen.
2008-08-05 16:40:25
Cost is definately the issue. it is too much of a niche market, and replacement motors are so cheap. i could buy 2 motors from an importer for the cost of buying one that was rebuilt.
2008-08-05 17:26:39
I probally would be willing to pay up to 2k for a freshly built, S4 true 10:1 5 angle P&P shotpeened
motor that I know would last another 10 years.
2008-08-05 17:31:40
If I had the dough to do it. I'd ask Lance to build me a motor first. But...I'm cheap, so I go with local shops who don't mind re-using tested parts.

I'm not sure my limit of spending for built motor, as I usually buy in pieces when a deal comes along or trades, then use those parts. Of course, I could be in the minority here.
2008-08-05 17:33:08
Stratton puts it best... Sr20 owners are notoriously cheap. Same reason companys like hotshot went out of business.
2008-08-05 17:36:45
If I was a millionaire tomorrow, I would still own a SR20 powered car. I agree with Stratton as well, but some of us do pay the bucks for good parts.
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