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Thread: fuel problem...

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2008-08-05 08:22:50
fuel problem...
ok, just got done reinstalling my gtir motor and this thing has been a total PAIN! i've had to hard wire alot of the connectors in because the shop that did the shop must have fried alot (they used alot of relays..) my 1st mistake was trusting someone else to do my swap lol.

but, everything works but my fuel pump. it doesn't prime at all, nothing. tried a new fuse for it thinking maybe the fuse blew. the fuel gauge works so the connector with 3 wires must be good.

we tried...
1) hard wiring the fuel pump right to the battery & grounding it out right on the seat belt, which worked. just had 100% fuel all the time so with the walbro 255 it was total over kill, but it came on.
2) replacing fuel relay, failed miserably.
3) following the wire from the fuse to the ecu, wasn't even there. found gtir ecu pinout for fuel pump and tried running that through a relay, giving it power right from the battery still and for some reason it still wouldn't kick on.

it should be something with the sending wire shouldn't it? because theres the 2 connectors with one having 3 wires, one having 2..and the one with 3 must work because my fuel gauge works. and when we hard wire the one with 2 connectors, the fuel pump comes right on.

we were thinking of hard wiring in the fuel pump and putting a switch on it, so if someone tried to start the car it'd have to be switched on, but i can't really think of a way right now to give it the ecu signal so the volts on the pump can change so it doesn't push 100% fuel all the time.

it's late..and i tried to explain it the best i can. any & all ideas are open, i'm willing to try anything at this point. this is getting dumb..EVERYTHING else on my car is ready to go, and it's been 11 months. i can't wait to drive this thing!

thanks for all the help!!!
2008-08-05 12:36:30
Personally, I wouldn't run a fuel pump to an external "always on" power source. On on "RUN" is the best way to have it wired. Did you ensure you have it wired properly, not in reverse?

It's only a two wire pump, to the relay, IIRC. The three wire connector is likely for the sending unit. One signal, one power and one ground.
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