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Thread: Open discussion on the quality of water used in your radiator

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2008-08-04 16:01:53
Originally Posted by Greenless
extremely pure waters are actually corrosive and can dissolve aluminum when a little heat is added. i think once mixed 50/50 with a good collant the corrosivity of the pure water would be negated. i work in a Lab. i could do a little experiment and check the pH of tap VS. type I water (extremely pure RO and micron filtered with a sustained conductivity less than .2 micro semens) the experiment will have to wait till the end of the week when im not busy with real work.
He said semen.
2008-08-04 16:04:50
Originally Posted by BenFenner
He said semen.

LMAO.... yeap he did.... wondering what that's gotta do with my rad?... probably pour some in there? helps keep things cool?
2008-08-04 16:09:53
I've used nature's distilled water (rain) on my brother's beater Dodge Caravan back when it leaked and needed to be filled up every drive. I wouldn't recommend this at all. =]
2008-08-04 16:40:38
I could of sworn you didn't want to use de-ionized water in cooling systems as it can greatly accelerate corrosion.

I use distilled and water wetter. And distilled and coolant with water wetter in the winter.
2008-08-04 18:43:24
micro semens are a measure of conductivity, i don't have the greek symbols on my keyboard to make it look right, and micromohs/cm doesnt catch ur attanetion like semen apparently does.

distilled water is just slightly less pure than de-ionized. with all the polutants in the air i would hardly call rain water = distilled water
2008-08-04 18:55:34
Originally Posted by Greenless

Originally Posted by Greenless
i would hardly call rain water = distilled water
Acid rain isn't any less distilled than any other "distilled" water, it's just way less pure. I said I wouldn't recommend it for your exact reasons. =P
2008-08-04 21:07:33
i also use water wetter and distilled water in both my cars. i noticed that after switching over from 50/50 coolant, the car warmed up faster AND stayed cooler, believe it or not.

i've had numerous conversations about this with kojima and he says it's fine to run tap water but make sure that you use an additive like Water Wetter or Mocool (new ww equivalent from motul) to keep it from corroding.
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