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Thread: P11's CAT has no O2 sensor!

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2008-07-20 05:34:13
P11's CAT has no O2 sensor!
So I was under my wife's 2000 P11 today and noticed that her CAT didn't have an O2 sensor, while the stock downpipe had the O2 sensor in there, before the cat!

What is going on, does that mean that her car can get away without a cat and wont throw a CEL?

I thought the Rear O2 sensor was designed to just see if the CAT was working or not...
2008-07-20 06:06:29
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2008-07-20 06:24:47
Hmmm thats weird its got to be a 00-02 thing. I have a 99 P11 and my o2 sensor is on the cat.
2008-07-20 17:38:06
Yep it has to be, I think the 99 is pretty identical to the SE-L's
2008-07-20 23:37:45
The 00-02 have 2 cats, the 2nd O2 sensor is after the first cat but before the 2nd cat.
2008-07-20 23:45:00
Yeah, don't they have a cat built into the exhaust manifold or something?
2008-07-21 02:51:36
So would the good old SSAC 2.25" work on this auto DD?

Reason is, the pipe is pretty rusty so I kinda want to switch it out.

Plus isn't it bad to have the CAT back pressure so close to the exhaust holes? Didn't this cause some series issues with the QR25 SE-R Spec-V's?
2008-07-21 02:53:14
the cat works better closer to the engine. closer to engine = more heat.
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