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Thread: Will I run into problems?

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2008-07-19 05:00:14
Will I run into problems?
Well my 98' SR20 has an A/T and I was wondering if I drove with OverDrive
disengaged on the freeway every once in a while when I push the car, Will
I run into any problems? I'm asking because I only push the car on the
freeway when it's empty of course and I love how I can really feel the car Pull when
I floor it with the O/D Off.
2008-07-19 05:05:36
i wouldnt think there would be any problems with it, i leave mine off when im towing over the pass with my powerstroke doing 55 plus.
2008-07-19 05:50:20
^^ dumb question but do cars with M/T have OverDrive too? -_-
2008-07-19 06:34:55
Well some would say that 5th gear is overdrive cuz thats the way it used to be but now a days there is no overdrive on manual cars you will not hurt your car by leaving overdrive off i wouldnt cruise like that though
2008-07-19 06:55:08
Could someone explain how O/D works on an A/T car?

And why wouldn't you cruise with it off?
2008-07-19 09:27:02
overdrive is just another gear. it keeps the car at lower rpms when the gear is needed for better gas milage and to keep the engine revs down. There is no other reason, its just like any other gear. Just like now most car manufactures even on auto trannies dont even consider the last gear overdrive gear, you have what used to be called a 3 speed auto with overdrive. Now it would be called a 4 speed auto. plain and simple. no need to complicate it
2008-07-19 11:41:21
I think most automatic cars shift despite the final gear being disengaged, once the motor revs so high
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