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Thread: at wits end, engine wont start

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2008-07-19 03:32:49
at wits end, engine wont start
i have been having massive starting problem and i have tried and done everything. its not that the car wont start, well it is but its not, the car cranks and i have to give it gas then it finally catches starts rev it to 1500 then it just does out, wont stay started. here are a few things i checked:

fuel pressure fine
fuel injectors click
fuel pump turns on
fuel injectors not leaking when acc on
fuel filter i imagine is good becuase i am getting fuel at the rail

when the distributor is rotated off the car, fuel injectors click, fuel pump turns on and i get good spark at the coil.

for safe measures i tried another coil same no start problem it didnt make a difference.

i also pulled the ignition contol module and rotated the distibutor i didnt get spark so i imagine its good also, i also have a second control module too.

distributor cap did have carbon tracking on it. but the rotor button looked fine i sanded off the carbon deposit on it, however i donno if the cap needs to bereplaced to fully get this problem solved.

i have ngk spark plug wires that i believe are good they are like brand new, i also have a set of stock plug wires tried both sets, and still same problem.

my spark plugs are fouled. i have tried probably a good 10 sets of spark plugs trying to find out this problem, its a catch 22 becuase if i replace the spark plugs they will be fouled instantly becuase the car will just crank and crank and they will be soaked in fuel...if i dont replace the spark plugs then i wont really know if i fixed the problem beuca the car wont start on fouled ass plugs so there im not too sure about.

i have covered, checked, double checked, triple checked EVERYTHING, i am at my WITS end trying to find this problem, i really dont know what the problem is with this car does anyone have any suggestions?

also the car a few days ao was running fine, then i shut the car off then i tried to turn it back on and i got this problem....it wasnt running 100% fine but it was idling, kinda missing but not really i donno hard ot explain, but now its wont do hit and i have tried everything

any suggestion i would apreciate
2008-07-19 06:41:25
Did you check your cam timing to make sure it didnt skip a tooth or so might be the problem
2008-07-19 11:57:53
Are your MAF TPS and O2 sensors ok (or what ever your equivalent to these are)?
Vacuum leaks ( if it applies to your car)?
Oil in the intake?
Are you getting sparks at the plugs? Are all the wires going to the right plugs? (yeah easy one but I had to ask)

I doubt the plugs are going to be so fouled they wont start the car if they are new mark those off the list.
2008-07-19 16:10:42
i checked all the cars sensors and they all check out all of their parmeters are within spec

my car runs only off the map sensor, no o2's the map sensor isall within spec, both volts and when ac on the loads are correct

and as far as the plugs, i JUST replaced the plugs abut 4 days ago and within seconds of cranking the car the plugs were fouled. what doesnt mke sense to me is that, if it cranks and cranks and cranks, why i have to give it gas for it to catch and want to run

my car is also pretty simplistic when it comes to the vacum lines, i checked them all and they are all fine.

i mean air fuel spark, im not either getting one or too much of another, i donno
2008-07-19 16:32:49
Let me rephrase completely, it sounds like your car is getting way too much fuel either at startup or at idle, when you're applying throttle when you're cranking you're just leaning out the mixture, and if that's what it takes to get it started then you've got a really rich condition even for startup. I would recheck all the fuel items again.
2008-07-19 16:45:26
well the fuel setup is as follows:
msd 72lb injectors
walbro 255lph pump
stock fpr (nismo fpr broke)
jwt fuel rail

i get 39psi of fuel pressure with acc on and engine off
2008-07-19 18:01:51
Do you know for sure which Walbro 255 you have? If you have the high pressure pump Walbro the stock FPR won't be able to handle it well.
2008-07-19 18:09:59
im not positive if i have a walbro hi or lo fuel pump. i had to pull my nismo pr beucase it was running too high fuel prressure with acc on and engine off beucase it was leaking. so i went back to stock to see if that fixed my problem and itfixed that problem.

im seeing 39psi with the acc on and engine off (obviously it wont run) i smelled the vacuum lin for the fpr and it oesnt smell of fuel so i dont think the fpr is leaking
2008-07-19 20:04:25
The only other thing I can think of would be the idle system if it was blocked, like maybe the spring broke in the air regulator or something.
2008-07-21 17:10:06
i was able to adjust th engine start settings a litle for the fuel so i wouldt have to give it fuel when starting and it start up, but the idle goes up and down up and own and idles for abot 15 secs before it just dies.

i have came tothe conclusion i am going to have to take it to he tuner, i relly dont want to beucase it will cost at least 400 to at least address what is wrong with the prblem, and hopefully that 400 will cover fixing whatever is wrong as long as its not mechanical
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