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Thread: That's a great question for the forum!

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2018-05-26 09:44:20
That's a great question for the forum!
Did you just ask an SR20-related question on Facebook or somewhere else other than the forum? Or maybe a question about the forum itself?
Would you like forum members to help you with your problem or inquiry?
Ask it here and let those of us without Facebook accounts (or those of us interested in improved discourse) help you.
Make a new thread in the appropriate section, or just ask here if you're being extra lazy.

Bonus: The discussion will be easily discoverable and searchable long into the future to benefit others!

Not a member of the forum yet? Register for the forum here.

Already a member but have forgotten your password? Reset your password here. (Doesn't work while logged in, obviously.)
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2018-05-26 21:03:42
I love this so much.
2018-05-28 18:29:00
I am gonna start linking this on Facebook
2018-05-28 19:56:16
Good idea!
2018-05-28 23:00:21
Originally Posted by Kyle
Good idea!

The guy asking what gear oil for a 92 SER was not amused hahaha

2018-05-29 03:49:55
This is great would help a lot for the new people when they are all lost and confuse cause they wasn’t ready to get all this new knowledge lol
2018-06-27 14:28:49
This is great, FB Groups are good for somethings like a quick sale or super quick question.. But they have nothing on the forums when it comes to DIY's / Info / Build Threads etc etc..
Mostly just lazy kids asking the same thing thats been asked 1000x over already.
2018-08-07 00:06:03
Does anyone have a hi-res version of the forum logo?
Preferably with the B14.. hehe
2018-08-07 07:41:58
Not that I know of. The version you see in the forum header is the highest resolution version you're going to find. The originals are likely long gone. Sorry. =(
What are you wanting to use it for? I might be able to come up with a suitable replacement depending on your goals.
2018-09-30 15:39:29
Bump for ease of finding.
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