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Thread: Road & Track freelancer working on a B13 SE-R story

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2016-04-13 23:25:24
Not everyone is on Facebook, hence some may comment here if they choose.
2016-04-13 23:51:32
Originally Posted by Storm88000
So there is an ongoing convo w/ myself and some others in the comments section of the article about the story of the B13 SE-R overtaking the C7 Vette on the track. Scroll down to the end and click "JOIN THE CONVERSATION" if you want to chime in in the article

The Original Sentra SE-R Is the Forgotten Performance Nissan You Should Buy Now

If you want to link the shitty video I put together from that track day, you can -
I said in the original comment that it was a beginner group on a course that has lots of twist, turns, and undulations, but of course my entire comment didn't make it into the article.
And of course it was a track day, not a race. Many (including myself) had never driven on a track before. The majority were driving 'vettes, and they found the limit of their skill way before they found the limit of their cars.

Also, my car is only lightly modified. OEM replacement shocks, OEM springs, no substantial power upgrades. It's definitely considerably more capable of being much quicker than it was.

But even the fact that I did overtake a z06 doesn't mean that I'm saying that this car is some sort of "'vette killer" or that vettes suck, or anything of the sort. That's something that the commenter seems to have dreamed up.
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2016-04-14 01:18:37
"Sadly, the B13 Sentra SE-R was essentially a one-off for Nissan. The following Sentra performance trims never lived up to the B13's legacy. Nissan didn't even offer an SE-R trim for the B14 Sentra, and although the B14 SE trim had the SR20DE engine, the company switched out the independent rear suspension for a torsion beam, lost the viscous LSD, and reduced the size of the rear sway bar and rear disc brakes."

So I know some times my readin skill aint so good sometimes. When he says they "reduced the size of the rear sway bar" after he states they switched out the rear suspension for the beam suspension, which to me denotes he is now talking about the B14 chassis. By all my knowledge an literal hands on experience it does not exist! WTF? Can someone explain this to me? Does the beam indeed have a rear sway bar and it just doesn't look like the aftermarket ones we are used to seeing?
2016-04-14 02:45:32
Originally Posted by Kyle
Not everyone is on Facebook, hence some may comment here if they choose.

Sure, comment wherever you want? I don't know. All i was doing was saying it was ongoing
2016-04-14 12:59:09
Here and the likewise, indeed, yes.
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