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Thread: B13 Sr20de No Start. Spark, fuel injectors don't fire.

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2016-03-05 16:54:48
Bad maf?
2016-03-05 17:39:03
Originally Posted by Y2KG20
If the car sat very long the compression will be low. I have had engines come in with 30-80psi at first. Timing chain needs to be verified in 3 points. Crank/Intake cam/Exhaust cam. Most chains have a yellow link for the crank and two dark links for the cam gears. The dark links are really hard to see if the engine is nasty inside. About the fuel injectors, I would pull the rail off the intake and watch them spray as someone cranked it. Could have stuck injectors, bad orings, ect... Would be a good thing to eliminate.

I was thinking maybe leaky injectors aswell. My friend was having starting issues in his car the other week and we noticed 3 were leaking badly and had washed the cylinder walls. Changed them out, put a lil oil in the cylinders fire it up and let it run for awhile and hasnt had a problem since.
2016-03-07 04:12:08
What do you think about a crankcase ventilation leak by the oil separator
2016-03-07 15:18:04
Originally Posted by Project
What do you think about a crankcase ventilation leak by the oil separator

A leak there wouldn't be good, but wouldn't cause this problem.

Originally Posted by Project
What do you guys think the possibilities of chassis grounding issue is?

Electrical issues are always a possibility until you rule them out. Get your meter and check voltage from battery negative to the various ground points around the engine bay, if you see more than .2v, then fix your ground issue and try again. Also, watch out for any connectors that may be hanging loose that may have been disconnected by the person before you.

You said earlier it has good fuel pressure. Are you checking this with a gauge, or just disconnecting a line and watching fuel spurt? You need to be sure that fuel pressure is good when the engine is running, if the pressure drops off after it fires up, it won't stay running long.
2016-03-07 21:25:30
Have you tried pulling codes from the ECU?
2016-03-07 22:51:51
I have not tried pulling codes yet. The car fires right up now every time. But doesn't stay running unless I keep the throttle on a bit.
2016-03-07 22:58:08
Could be the Throttle Position Sensor needs adjusted, the FSM will have the procedure on that.
2016-03-07 22:59:33
Yeah because it doesn't Rev past 2k. Take note there is not ehxaust on the car. Could lack of backpressure cause any of this
2016-03-08 00:15:48
If it doesn't rev past 2K, you might want to take a look at your MAF, MAF connection and MAF wiring.
2016-03-08 00:34:00
Sounds like it's in open loop
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