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Thread: No start after EGR removal

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2015-10-28 11:53:58
No start after EGR removal
Just wanted to see if anyone can help me diagnose an issue with my 92 SE-R.

I just recently replaced the head gasket after overheating the car. After the head gasket install and with everything bolted back together the car started right up but idled high because of a few vacuum leaks. After those had been fixed and the EGR system removed the car tries to start but won't.

I've looked at EGR delete threads and vacuum hose rerouting diagrams. So I don't think that's the issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
2015-10-28 14:54:05
Not having done the EGR delete, I can't help, but can you give a bit more info on what exactly it sounds like when it won't start? Does it start then die, does it just keep cranking with no ignition, something else?

Also, please clarify: You replaced the head gasket, after which it would start but idle high. Was the EGR delete already done at this point, or did you delete the EGR after fixing vacuum leaks? Your description could be interpreted either way.

What I've found in troubleshooting things like this is that it's often some connector, hose, etc, that was left off that's causing the problems. Go back over your work, and make sure that there are no loose ends lying around. For the hoses, make sure they are actually going where they should be going, and that you don't have something crossed, like a fuel line going to a water line or something.
2015-10-28 17:22:54
Thanks, jimbo.

Yes the egr system was installed when the car started, but removed afterwards to clean up the engine bay. Yes the car just spins without cranking. Every now and then it tries to start but doesn't.

I just came back from working on it and it seems like im getting no spark. I pulled the plugs and they were wet with fuel.

I checked all the connections and everything looked correct. It started raining so im giving up for now and will try again later.
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2015-11-05 19:25:17
Did you check the connection for the coil? If I remember correct, you have to remove the coil to get the EGR pipe out, so maybe that or the ignitor is not plugged back in.
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2015-11-05 23:04:25
Originally Posted by MAD02
the car just spins without cranking
A spinning engine is a cranking engine. =D

No spark is great info to know. Make sure the CAS is plugged in (physically part of the distributor, but functionally separate).
Then check all of the ignition wiring. The power transitor (ignitor), the ignition coil, all high voltage coil/plug wires. I have a hunch you've forgotten to plug in the power transistor.
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