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Thread: sr20de injectors failing?

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2015-07-28 00:49:36
sr20de injectors failing?
About 6 months ago I changed #4 injector. Car sounded like a Subaru when running and very weak. After I changed it, it ran like normal. This morning when I started the car, it sounded like a Subaru again!! Pulled the injector wires one by one to see which one is faulting and it is now injector #3. Just got done changing out the injector and now the car is running like normal again. Has anyone ever had injectors fail back to back like this?
2015-07-28 01:02:43
yes, it's called age... It is to be expected IMHO. I went on a big road trip to Alaska and back and knew I could blow not 1 but 2 injectors putting on 13k miles for my monster road trip and sure enough, Injector #2 went in Canada but popped in the replacement and back on the road.... not even 200 miles later in Seattle, WA #4 injector went.... so popped in the next one and fortunately made it home after another 3000 miles and THEN #3 went literally 2 days after getting home.... After that I was taking bets before #1 went (it actually took another 3 months to go)...

Now my friend went though having #1 go bad and then #4 about 2 weeks later.. guess what, they are all original to the car at 189k miles so shit gets worn out!
2015-07-28 01:12:39
Idk if it matters but this is a jdm DE motor. I would understand if it was the original motor. I will be upgrading the fuel filter just because. Hopefully it helps.. I just thought the injectors on these motors rarely fail..
2015-07-28 02:22:21
its not the mileage that kills them its the age and how long they have sat with gas in them not being used that's a huge factor
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