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Thread: for anyone who is looking to run a aem ems

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2008-07-01 14:37:02
for anyone who is looking to run a aem ems
aem is raising the EMS price $250.00 more dollars, not only that but they are raising the price of all their items, widebands,ems,inakes,fpr,ect i guess they feel the need to take the risk and up their prices ad see if the market holds on or drops off for their products at higher prices. but i thought i would just throw a headup on prices if you can get locked in on their current ems or intake or anything it would be worth the investment, if you were going to make the jump to ems or thought about it, now its going to cost you $250.00 more!
2008-07-01 15:00:19
Thanks for the heads up! Ima need one soon.
2008-07-01 15:58:37
****! That's crazy.
2008-07-01 15:59:31
DAMN! where are you getting your info?
2008-07-01 16:06:59
from the shop where i got my aem ems tuned, he was giving a few ppl headsup to lock in the current price before their whole line went up,not just the ems, but ALL their stuff.

as far as the ems is concerned tho, im not sure if they are going to revise the software and thats one of the high spikes for it, or if they are revising the hardware, but its a 250 jump on the current price.

i really think its a bad choice to bump the price, its already decently expensive by itsself, then you add in the sensors, wiring it up, installing and configuring, then the dyno time, i have invested over 1k just for tuning for it another 500 when it first got configured and + wiring the sensors for it ect, its worth it, but its definitly expensive.

ive yet to even use HALF the setting on the ems, as they require a bit of setting up on the dyno and dyno time being 150-175 pr hour, it gets expensive FAST..
2008-07-01 20:22:44
Inflation man. When was the last time they raised their prices?
2008-07-01 20:32:14
im not even sure, if i was AEM i would devlope a ecu kinda like calum, not exactly a stand alone, but alot of functions that that give your user a stand alone type feeling like the realtime ecu...i just dont think that EVERYONE either A: has over 2k to drop on the stand alone + 1k-1500 for setup making it ovr 3k for a stand alone system, while worth it, the need for them arent 100% high, but if they devloped a tuneable ecu style ecu, that targeted more of the population that the drag racer, or highly modded street car, they would have better luck i think, altho the stand alone is 100% worth it, its not for everyone...
2008-07-02 04:15:16
I pretty much raise my prices every 6 months, so it's not that surprising...
2008-07-02 16:26:51
damn... i thought it was expensive, now i just think they've gone mad!!! i just can pay those prices
2008-07-02 16:33:10
jesus..glad I picked mine up now. i better get the tru boost again before it goes up. and I already though the EMS was over priced (3k but it is worth it)
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