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Thread: GTiR Heart for my Almera GTi N15. Project starts! Need help!

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2015-05-10 17:32:38
GTiR Heart for my Almera GTi N15. Project starts! Need help!
Hello Everyone,

Finally decided to start on my build! I am still in the grey area when it comes to my car and its current factory setup. But just to make things clear, I am aiming for 300-350whp responsive and reliable engine with aircond. Oh btw, I am in Malaysia.

My current ride's a bone stock 1998 UK Nissan Almera N15 GTi (SR20DE RR) Phase 2 (with NATS).

I have been doing quite a bit of research lately on here and this is what I currently serious about.
1) GTiR Motor
2) 2871r + gtir manifold
3) Jwt S series cams
4) Nistune
5) Fuel system upgrade.
6) Z32 MAF + Boost controller (low and high boost options)

Now the questions.

1) From some research, found out that my N15 GTi P2 is most likely a OBD1. But i cant seem to find the ecu pinouts. Is the original N15 harness a "plug and play" with the GTiR's motor and ecu?

For GTiR I have 3 choices which is either go for the complete gtir engine, gtir engine and harness or get the complete front cut of the gtir. If the N15 harness is a direct plug on, i would rather get the engine and go from there.

If non gtir, upgrade my current engine (requires a lot of detailed modification pistons, rods, non rr head, upgraded oil pump, oil pickup, press and return for turbo)

No.2 & 3 & 4 & 5 Will be discussed in the Mechanical forum.

Thanks guys.

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2015-05-15 22:08:10
1) No. Maybe... This is the weird murky area of '90's Nissan. The N15 in general and especially a Phase 2 SHOULD be OBD2 with the white plug. However I know that with some of the others in the era its can be OBD1 but with OBD2 hardware. The short of the long is no, it won't match up you will need a RNN14 harness with the blue plug.

1.1) Get just the engine and harness unless the price of a front cut is just a bit more. With the front cut your sure to get the ancillaries, intake piping, MAF, Injector resistor, power steering pump (may or may not be different), radiator and plant of spare fuses and relays. Plus you get the hood vents and a cool data plate. You will need to enlarge the holes of your flywheel as well with this setup.

1.3) Go GTiR! If you price it right you can have a "turn key" 350+hp motor with very little fettling.
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