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Thread: Disable Alternator in Drag Racing

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2015-01-14 09:45:26
Disable Alternator in Drag Racing
Has anyone had tried to disable the alternator for a short secs.. just when your in the track?
2015-01-14 13:46:04
Maybe its just me but don't you want all the voltage you can get to run the fuel pump, injectors, and ECU? The fuel pump and injectors have different flow rates at different voltages, you want to be around 14V at all times, disabling the alternator will drop the voltage down to 12V, if not lower. Bad idea, for a minimal gain.
2015-01-14 21:00:29
You would want a 14 or 16 volt battery..... Orrr they make a battery in which u have it hooked up a certain day for daily driving a 12 volt set up then u pop the power cable over to a third terminal that runs a higher voltage for when you wanna drop your alt belt.

But this all starts gettin a little expensive for the nominal gains, i would think you would have to frequent the track often to justify doing this.
2015-01-15 16:18:22
I see so not a good idea.. then
2015-01-18 10:54:05
You would have to get a 14v battery like said which will add more weight, making the little gain you get from removing it to being slower
2015-01-20 15:21:40
The ECU tells injectors to compensate for voltage drops

It should in theory be possible to disable the alternator, but I doubt the results would be worthwhile..
2015-01-20 15:25:22
Lights... Electric water pump... Fans.. Air to water cooling system... Ignition... Nitrous... Water meth sprayers.... Co2 intercooler sprayers

Depending on what people have its hard to say in general if its going to have a gain at all
2015-01-20 17:28:29
I dont think it would make 1 bit of difference running without the alt (et wise) an if your tryin to go faster there are ways of doing it.. it just takes money..
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