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Thread: I need your help my friends.

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2014-12-26 21:10:39
Andrew, FYI I have tracking numbers from Daveracer and Boostlee. Packages on the way. Updated first post with current info.

This is coming together rather nicely. Knocking items off that list.
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2014-12-27 02:48:19
Forgot to mention - I spoke to Mike as you said Shawn, and he's got something in the works for the fuel rail.
2014-12-27 03:25:17
Originally Posted by canx2k
Forgot to mention - I spoke to Mike as you said Shawn, and he's got something in the works for the fuel rail.

You mean Mark at Marsh Tuning?

And if so, excellent.

We still need to sort out:

4) Exhaust housing for the t35 because one is busted and one is a 4 bolt OR simply a 3" flexpipe with a 4 bolt would fix that problem


7) the bracket/bolts that hold the turbo to the exhaust housing.

But we're getting close.
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2014-12-27 16:05:59
I have been sick as a dog with the flu since Monday so I haven't been around. I will catch up and see what I can do.
2014-12-27 17:38:49
Do you need oil feed lines? I have some SS braided lines, if so.
2014-12-27 17:51:28
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Do you need oil feed lines? I have some SS braided lines, if so.


I *think* Keo has this covered, but if not, yours will be greatly appreciated. We'll know for sure when Keo checks back in after he gets done with holiday bidness.

Thank you sir. I'll remove nissannx from that item on the first page and put you in his place next to Keo. Any way it goes, looks like we have the oil lines covered.
2014-12-27 18:29:34
I have a list of left-over parts when Marsh Tuning is done massaging my car. Should be in Feb/March/April that the following parts become available.

Andrew, anything on this list you need or want, it's yours. I'm sure as hell not having Marsh Tuning ship these home to Louisiana, nor are these parts going in the trunk of my SE-R. I was planning on having Mark offer me 40-50% of their market value and having him re-sell them to customers, Dash, FB, whatever. I am not carting dirty Prothanes home, or sticking a drippy radiator in my trunk.

Shawn's Leftover Parts:

1) SSAC header - Marsh Tuning. Even I know this won't work with turbo.

2) Prothanes - Andrew? Unless you already have set, you need these.

3) Pair B13 seats with extra cushions and covers. The extra cushions from a low mileage passenger seat. - Marsh Tuning, unless Andrew wants them. Passenger seat is perfect (low mileage of ass-time), drivers foam cushioning needs replacement (included ) but the covers are both perfect.

4) Miko Tranny Bracket - If Keo does not have one, this goes to Andrew. I've got a fancy one from the GB. @Keo you can certainly have this item to replace your donation if you'd like it back "in stock" in your work shop or garage. No problems.

5) OEM gauge cluster - Marsh Tuning?

6) Magnaflow resonator - Installed in 2007. Marsh Tuning? 2.5" in and out, biggest I could stuff under the car.

7) Overkill Engineering radiator overflow reservoir. - Andrew? I don't think you necessarily need this, but it's yours if you want it. I've even seen guys looking for this part. And even though it's made by Overkill, if this thing ever fails, at least it won't kill you.

8) Nissan OEM GTiR radiator - An upgrade over an NX radiator. More fins per square inch. Andrew? The only radiator that is better than this is the Mishimoto (possibly) or Koyo R1977 (definitely). This is more expensive from Nissan than the Koyo (!) and I don't *think* it's even in production anymore.

9) Nissan OEM Z32TT radiator cap. - Andrew? 18 lb pressure cap. Installed in 2007. This plus that GTiR radiator is the best you can do with pure OEM Nissan parts.

All that stuff is currently in-use, but it will be yanked off my car in Feb/March/April. I'll happily pay Mark at Marsh Tuning to ship any or all of that directly to you in Canada.
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2014-12-29 17:45:11
The rad tank would be pretty awesome if you're offering, sure thanks!!!
2014-12-29 17:46:29
Re: I need your help my friends.
The rad sure as well if it's an upgrade to the nx one
2014-12-29 18:39:37
Originally Posted by canx2k
The rad sure as well if it's an upgrade to the nx one

I want you to have anything on that list that you'd like.

Soon as Mark at Marsh Tuning removes the radiator and overflow tank, they will be forwarded to you.

And yes, a Nissan OEM GTiR radiator is top-of-the-Nissan-foodchain for our our vehicles. Higher fin-density than the NX rad. You also need that high-pressure Z32TT cap if you don't have one.

EDIT: The MAP sensor from Boostlee just arrived.
Last edited by Shawn B on 2014-12-29 at 18-44-42.
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