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Thread: Did I fry my distributor? (VE no start)

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2014-11-29 19:07:00
Did I fry my distributor? (VE no start)
Soo, after having the car sit for 1½ months, I decided to start it up. Big mistake.

I recently removed the intake manifold, and injectors, to have them ultrasonically cleaned.

Let's crank over the engine with no sparkplugs to verify that my injectors orings are not leaking.

Looks good, but here's where I fucked up. I ran the engine alot with no plugs. With the coil still connected! I ran it even more after switching over the fuel lines (rookie mistake), and I estimate that I total cranked it for 2 mins with no plugs and coil connected.

Now the car won't start. I get no fuel, but I get a (weak?) spark. Is my dizzy fried? Sorry for a messy thread, but I'm so pissed right now
2014-11-29 21:28:06
With out the coil being able to discharge, it will over heat. It is very likely you fried it.
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2014-11-30 10:45:45
Tested the coil:

1-2: 1.2Ohm
1-3: 9.2kOhm

Looks good to me?
2014-11-30 12:47:54
Ok good. So you say you get no fuel but some spark. You can rule out the cam position sensor on that as it will give the ecu the signal to fire both. It seems it may be soemthing behind your manifold you must have forgotten to hook up. Are there any active codes? What does the data in nismotronic look like?
2014-11-30 14:34:12
Another thing I forgot to tell you is that I recently swapped the ECU from an EDM to USDM version (to handle EBC). Too bad I sold my EDM ECU before testing if the USDM is good

Data in Nismotronic looks fine. I get an RPM signal.

If I remove the distributor, and turn it by hand with the power ON, I get the fuel pump to click, but no injectors to fire? Seems to me like I have something wrong with the ECU/Distributor combo?
2014-11-30 15:15:45
If you still have the dizzy that came with the VE engine I would go ahead and swap that in. The harness is easy to repin and you shouldnt need to hack up your harness or spend money.
2014-11-30 15:56:25
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
If you still have the dizzy that came with the VE engine I would go ahead and swap that in. The harness is easy to repin and you shouldnt need to hack up your harness or spend money.

I wish I had it, had an accident when I unloaded the engine and crushed the VE dizzy. Thinking about going to the wreckers and pick up another dizzy this week.
2014-11-30 16:06:32
Thats a shame about the ECU. Are the pinouts the same between US and EU ecu's, well as far as sensors, I know you bought the US ecu for the EGR stuff. So what is everyhting you have checked? Did you plug the injector harness back in?
2014-11-30 17:51:36
Yes, injector harness was plugged back in. I had to leave the garage, was getting so frustrated, sometimes it's best to step away for a few days :P

I will update this thread how it progresses in a few days
2014-12-02 12:26:34
Okay, so this is how it went down today. Set out to the garage for a full evening of troublehooting.

Disconnected distributor, removed fuel pump fuse.

Set the key to ON, turned the distributor manually.

Explosion in Cyl1, have spark&fuel apparently?! My poor eardrums (no exhaust manifold)

Reconnected everything, car starts just fine!

Did something overheat last time? I cannot find any problems now, everything is working or should that be a smiley?
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