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Thread: injector pulse

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2014-11-19 15:09:30
injector pulse
Boosting my N15 gti

Basic spec
AM tubular mani
T2 GT3071R
Scooby 440 injectors
Emanage blue
Walbro 255

Car wont start, have good spark, but no fuel from injectors. Theres fuel to the rail, have 12v at all injectors but no pulse. Checked continuity at all 4 from ecu plug to injector plug and all good.
Now i had to cut and join wires on the small injector harness and when i checked that i somehow managed to have 2 of the injector pins in the plug the same way but the other 2 the opposite way so im thinking it has sent a 12v down the switched ground and fried the injector driver in the ecu. Anyone else had this happen? I know its fairly common on S14 ecus for the driver to go down. Going to try a different ecu tomorrow

The car did run for a bit but was super super rich. I noticed the rotary settings in the emanage were wrong (set for lexus is200) so i set them right and left it over night, next morning wouldnt start at all
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2014-11-19 20:10:03
We do commonly burn out the injector driver.

However the emanage is confusing and I would triple check the rotary switches and jumpers.
2014-11-19 23:29:57
Cheers for the reply, jumpers are all set right but car is the same with the emanage totally out of the car
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