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Thread: Car Doesn't Start Sometimes Unless I Slam Clutch In

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2014-10-11 14:08:21
Car Doesn't Start Sometimes Unless I Slam Clutch In
Hey guys,

I think I know what is wrong, but I need some confirmation. My car has been fine until yesterday when it decided not to start, so I opened the hood and checked for anything that might be loose and nothing. I have a new battery, so I didn't think it was anything battery related. So I got back in and slammed the clutch in with more force than normal and it started. This happened one other time last night and I did the same thing and it started right up, so there seems to be a problem with the switch that tells the car that the clutch is pressed in so that it starts. Is there any way to bypass that switch? Or might there be something else wrong with it?

Thank you!!
2014-10-11 14:14:15
You can jump the plug on that switch, or just replace it.
2014-10-11 15:37:35
I just cut the 2 wires on the plug that goes to the switch and joined them together. No problems with that ever since
2014-10-11 23:28:02
I wouldn't install a remote start on it after doing that.....just sayin'
2014-10-11 23:35:16
dont cut the wires or cut the plug off....instead, make a 'U" out of a paperclip or piece of wire to jump across the terminals on the plug....that way you can fix it properly later if you want.
For the record,I always do this to my cars because I am the only one who drives them.I know not to start the car without the clutch in... and I hate those stupid switches and rubber plugs that fall out.
2014-10-11 23:41:41
Yeah, never hack up the car.
2014-10-15 02:14:48
The jumper with the paperclip is best. But they are so cheap, it is best to get a new one, or one from a junkyard. It is a good safety measure, it prevents mistakes like trying to start the car when in gear.
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