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Thread: Anyone ever broken a VE oil pump???

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2014-10-04 03:10:13
SR20 Billet Oil Pump Gears Don't know if that gear they sell will fit never got around to bothering them about it. Was this a new pump or a used pump?
2014-10-04 03:42:46
I think it was just bad luck, I have only seen one other car break a oil pump and that was doing 10k+

I have LOADS of customers who have RWD VE Drift cars pulling high revs too and haven't had any issues. Bolt a new oil pump and carry on!
2014-10-04 05:14:43
i just emailed them... if they dont offer them for the ve pumps maybe i can get them to.

And this was a used pump that i cleaned and inspected before use.
2014-10-04 07:33:47
The only other person that I heard killed a the pump was ashton and he was zinging his to 10k I think on a 1/4 mile pass in his sentra. Did you get the motor balanced when you installed it? 4CW crank? 8CW crank?
2014-10-04 15:19:20
its an 8 CW... the crank was cleaned, polished and balanced but i didnt have everthing in the rotating assembly balanced.
2014-10-04 15:38:18
new oil pump and ati balancer, shouldn't have an issue at 9k at all.
2014-10-04 21:55:04
you broke a pump too right ashton? ever figure out why?

i think the biggest problem is this right here...

so much play in them from the factory, with a lot of revs, anti lag, and rev limiter they just beat themselves to death until the collar pushes the gear apart.

we need a setup more like this.... RB Spline Driven Billet Oil Pump Gears
2014-10-05 15:34:35
Mine didnt break but it was on the verge of doing so... It pitted the gears and scarred the outer ring of the gear and the housing and all enough that I lost significant oil pressure resulting in a spun bearing. I was also using a factory crank pulley and revved to 10,200 rpm which was probably the main culprit of the damage. At 9700 rpm everything was fine not to say there wasnt damage occuring but oil pressure remained solid with no dip all up until the point I upped the limiter to 10,200. An ATI balancer is a significant must have when revving to 9k and above on these engines. The play in the pump while its not a great design, the harmonics are what slam the pump gears around and having the play may only make things worse but the ati damper should keep the nose of the crank vibration down to little to none. If I could have done it all over again, the money would have been spent on an ATI damper... and who knows, that original 2.0L motor could have still been in existence today.
2014-10-05 15:38:36
A billet spline drive pump gear would be ideal as well along with an ATI I wouldnt see why you would ever have an oiling problem on most setups.
2014-10-05 20:55:29
GTiR pump is superior to all other SR pumps....not sure how anyone got the idea that a VE one was better... Thicker gears means more oil flow, and the larger diameter means less chance of cracking like this one. It is the only one designed for motor sports use as well...

Down side is that you have to run the GTiR pulley due to the larger front cover. Only real option for aftermarket damper is the Ross metaljacket or get ATI to custom make one. It's rather expensive for either option.
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