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Thread: Power steering issue

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2014-10-01 22:49:13
Power steering issue
Alright. Replaced the power steering high pressure hose with ss braided one. Hard as frick to turn the wheels. Took off the rack end, started the car, fluid puking out. Ps pump pumps. Reattached, jacked up the car to bleed the system, wheels turn minty, put it down and still hard as f. The pump doesn't make any sound at all, (it used to when it was leaking...)

How can I tell the pump is stone dead? Would it still pump fluid?
2014-10-01 23:21:45
Try bleeding the system. Jack the front up, make sure the tires are up. Start the engine and start turn the steering back and forth.
2014-10-02 00:23:09
Yup, did that already, to no avail
2014-10-15 20:25:27
sounds like the rack is junk
2014-10-16 18:46:05
Originally Posted by canx2k
Yup, did that already, to no avail

being specific;

- so it was fine before you replaced the hose?
- is it still hard to turn when your front wheels are off the ground?
- it takes a VERY long time to bleed the system again. Preferably 2 people. 1 to turn the wheel full left to right full lock, and the other 1 to monitor and refill fluid as necessary. You have to turn the steering wheel left and right at least 30x or until you see no bubbles out of your reservoir. Oddly, I didn't have to do this or any type of bleeding when i rebuilt my PS pump on my b13 and it worked fine. Rebuilt the pump, slapped it back on and ran fine. On my Camry, I had to do the above procedure.
2014-10-16 19:10:24
I'm going with air trapped somewhere, keep bleeding. When I replaced the pump in my P10 it took forever to bleed it completely. Good luck!
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