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Thread: Anyone know the difference between rotor head designs?

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2014-10-02 01:48:04
Originally Posted by Kyle
Originally Posted by HP10T
Originally Posted by Kyle
Lowport and highport use a different style rotor to connect to the rotor shaft. The highport has a small bolt with an hex head on it and needs to be tightened into place. That is where the infamous "wayne cox hp trick" came from. The lowports just kinda press onto the rotor shaft and do not use a bolt to hold the rotor to the shaft.

I have no idea what the differences are in those since they are afterMEHket and not OEM.

OEM rocks.

The pictures are just ones I found on the internet but I have oem parts here that I am comparing.
I must have overlooked it but didn't see a threaded hole on either rotor head.

It has been a long time since I last changed the cap and rotor but I am pretty sure the shaft of the distributor is threaded to accept the bolt and there is some sort of provision for the hole or some slot on the rotor whereas the lowport design is 360 degrees around the distributor shaft and simply "clicks" on.

Is the trick where a bolt goes through the rotor head and seats against the dizzy shaft pictured?

2014-10-02 03:25:49
Don't worry about it. It's a high port external coil distributor trick.

You have a low port internal coil distributor where the rotor snap on.

I have no idea why Kyle brought up the high port distributor, only leads to more confusion.

Btw, the new factory rotors look like the first pic. I got the new rotor and it's the same as the first pic.
2014-10-02 16:35:22
Originally Posted by KillerKrossover

I have no idea why Kyle brought up the high port distributor, only leads to more confusion.

It was brought up for the exact purpose of explaining any possible confusion. Real simple. His signature shows a 96 G20 and 91 B13. He could have both for all I know. I don't know anymore information than what was given in the original post.

That coupled with the three Nissan OEM part numbers the OP listed in post #3

2014-10-02 21:59:46
To add to the confusion, the '96 B14 lists 2 different part numbers for the rotor, and they are not the same. The '95 uses a different one, and I'm guessing the early '96 does too, while the later '96 -'99 uses a different one. The first time I had to order one many moons ago from Nissan, I ordered the first part number. The triangle inside was smaller than the shaft inside the distributor and would not work. The build date on my car is 8/96.
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