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Thread: Forum Calendars - For those who wanted to donate!

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2008-05-06 18:32:29
Last post: 3/18
Last login: 4/19

He signed on for a month after his last post and decided to not talk to us or inform us of anything. I'm patient because it's a forum calendar, but if this were anything else, what he's doing would be grounds for the blacklist.
2008-05-06 18:43:04
Everyone who still has not recieved a calendar shoot me an email

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2008-05-07 05:00:29
email sent. can we get a legit explanation for this yet?
2008-05-07 11:38:00
Originally Posted by BurtonNX2000
email sent. can we get a legit explanation for this yet?

I wish I had one, unfortunately I do not. I'm just playing middle man. Next year I will try to put together calendars myself (in a far more timely manner), and will send free copies to those who paid for this year and never received theirs. As it is, that's about the best I can do....

My calendar finally showed up, tracking shows it was delivered, and I received a 'package was left' sticker from fedex, however it seems as tho someone swiped it from my front door. However, I cannot blame RacerX for that.
2008-05-07 13:28:37
Email Sent.

Man that sucks to hear Crim, I can't believe someone would just take it
2008-05-07 19:12:22
Guess it's time for me to go buy a calendar today....
2008-05-07 20:12:52
My guess is that he just got into an increasingly embarrassing situation.

He used FedEx to send this last batch, and if they were re-runs, it was a genuine (and money losing) attempt at a make-good.

I can look into managing a calendar sale next year (at least the print side of it) but it'll be difficult (but not necessarily impossible) to find a vendor who can do it at extremely low quantities at a low price.
2008-05-15 19:13:31
any news?
2008-05-26 01:21:07
Can we at least get a ban on this guy. I've given up hope that I will get a calendar or my money back. RacerX does not respond, and what Crim can do I don't know. RacerX's lack of response on this is just astounding. Its bad enough some of us are dicked over on our money. Lets just keep this guy from doing this again.
2008-05-26 03:25:09
^^agreed. I'm severely POed that I got my money stolen on this whole thing^
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