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Thread: GA to JDM SR troubles

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2014-04-01 17:18:30
GA to JDM SR troubles
Over the weekend I swapped my nx1600 with a craiglist deal sr20 and having a few troubles.

1. Won't idle properly (adjusted the throttle plate limiter to keep it cracked open) idle screw does nothing. I think vacuum lines may be hooked up wrong. No vacuum leaks though. And I can't find a vacuum diagram for the jdm intake manifold.

Bottom vacuum on throttle body is capped. I know on highports it runs to egr, does it need to go to the intake pipe after the maf for metered air idle? I have nothing connected to the intake pipe and I'm thinking that's my trouble, but I'm not familiar with how idling exactly works on any engine really.
2. Battery light is on while running, charging system works, volt gauge reads 14-15. On the alternator harness there's two positive clips. On the body harness there is only 1.
Doubt it's the problem, but it's something.

3. Speed sensor needs wired in as I have 2 91 harnesses apparently. 1 ground(reference) and 1 signal wire to the ecu correct?
4. Car runs super rich and turns the check engine light on going up a long hill in 5th 1/2 throttle revving 3k. Turns off after I let off gas. Then takes maybe 10 seconds to turn back on. Never turned on while I was beating on it, only while cruising. I have nismotronic, but I need to still cut the consult wires and find a laptop to borrow.
5. Should I be using a sr clutch cable? The ga works, but doesn't seems completely correct. Clutch disengages halfway down, where as the ga disengaged literally at the floor. First manual car to be honest.
2014-04-01 19:13:07
The 3/8 hose below the TB needs a connection to the intake after maf but before TB you may have to add a nipple to the intake pipe. It's what it needs I went without this for about 1 year on my swap and fought Odle issues the whole time until I fixed it

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2014-04-02 02:47:34
Thanks, that made it hunt for an idle properly. I need to fix my problem with the battery light now. Car shorted i think and made the battery bad and kept draining. Temporarily used another car started and still showed the battery light while running.
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