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Thread: Where does this hose go?

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2014-03-21 01:13:40
Where does this hose go?

1993 NX2000, JDM intake mani, no EGR/BPT. Had to replace this little fucker on the right because it sprung a leak:

(credit to katastrophe803 for the pic)

Decided to attack from the top and removed the intake manifold. Put everything back together, and I have a missing hose...can't find where it connects. Here's a pic. If you need anymore info, let me know. It's a little vacuum line coming off of the intake plenum right behind the throttle body/TPS assy.

2014-03-21 01:30:05
Does it route under to that quasi plastic piece that's only on highports?
Pirc valve maybe?

Edit nope, sorry, too small
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2014-03-21 22:02:08
fuel pressure regulator
2014-03-22 01:31:21
Originally Posted by morgans432
fuel pressure regulator

No, it's too big of a hose. And please, no "that's what she said" jokes.
2014-03-22 01:35:07
Is this specific to the JDM IM ?
2014-03-22 01:48:29
No, it is not. I found where it goes. It goes to the charcoal canister - I didn't see where it goes because the connection for the smaller vacuum line that goes to the EGR and canister control solenoid valve was covering it up. It was right under my nose...literally.
2014-03-22 01:48:48
sure thats not a coolant line to the throttle body?


Why do you even have a charcoal canister on a jdm setup? get rid of that crap
2014-03-23 07:14:14
I made it a (lame) tradition of smashing them when I brought whatever Sentra I had just gotten home for 1st timE. Yeah I'm a badAss
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2014-03-23 08:16:20
This one goes in your mouth an this one goes in your ass... oops sorry, This one goes in your ass an This one goes in your mouth..

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2014-03-23 13:53:47
Late Show as I've seen you've figured it out...I snapped this for ya but was out of pocket yesterday.

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