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Thread: shifter

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2014-03-18 03:54:25
Originally Posted by msnx2k
I wonder why ES did not make this bushing as well

they are already hard plastic.The ES polyurethane would be a downgrade being softer.
2014-03-18 12:17:13
Originally Posted by eggman
Originally Posted by jonnyxvedge
Originally Posted by eggman
Originally Posted by jonnyxvedge

so the shift control rod where it's circled has a nut and bolt through it and that metal part that the bolt is through is loose as hell. the bolt itself is tight but that part is extremely loose and is letting the shifter move back and forth. any suggestions?

it should have plastic insert/bushings on it so theres no play .I have a spare setup here with bushings if you are interested,but they should be cheap.
Should go ahead and do the front shifter bushing too while you are in there with the ES one

i can't seem to find where to buy it at. how much are you looking to get for it? or do you know where i can get em?

I have never really looked,but if you want,I will ship you a whole assembly for 25 bucks .Its basically that pivot part with the bushings.
I am sure GregV can get the bushings new by themselves too,I just happen to have a couple spare parts around here from parts cars.
I may even have a spare ES front shifter bushing here,too...but they are readily available on ebay

i'm gonna hit the scrap yard this weekend, if I can't find anything, i'll definitely take this off your hands. thanks man!
2014-03-18 17:46:36
Makes me wonder if this is the reason my shifter rattles so much in 5th.

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2014-03-18 17:58:11
Originally Posted by msnx2k
Makes me wonder if this is the reason my shifter rattles so much in 5th.

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if you can put your hand on the shifter to stop the rattling...I woukld bet its your B&M shifter thats rattling.
Its a common thing for the ball and socket to develop slop over time with those and the knockoffs that use a metal ball and socket.
This is why I prefer a shortened stock shifter or one that uses the stock socket made of plastic/nylon
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2014-03-19 23:47:27
Was there ever a fix found for the B&M's or was it just turn the radio up.
2014-03-20 13:43:11
My weighted Greddy knob helped with smoother shifting and less rattle.
2014-03-25 14:34:50
i picked up a shifter control rod from the junk yard this weekend. is there an easy way to swap it out? i had to bend and yank around the shifter at the junk to get to the bolt that the rod connects to the shifter. I would swap out just the little part with the bushing but the head on the one side is so thin, i can't seem to break it loose.
2014-03-28 20:20:40
2014-03-31 02:51:48
Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=181154542167

I bought 2 sets of these have the first set in and they work beautifully my shifter was way sloppy after the bolt came out and I had to ride in 2nd gear for 20mins to grt to work
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