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Thread: Found a JDM engine source who will work with me .

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2014-03-09 21:40:12
Found a JDM engine source who will work with me .
I've been look for W11 for since September with no luck. I had Grev V looking , had PM'd Andreas Miko and talked to Ronald ar Soko, no luck. Everyone is importing VE Engines now. Finally Greg told me W11 engines are getting harder to find in good shape so I knew I better do something quick.

After a lot of research I found JDM Engine Pro in La Habra, CA. They had good reviews but were connected to Japan Star Motor which had mixed reviews.

The guy I contacted there was Chris Kahn. He was into modified Nissans himself and knew the differences between a W10 and W11. He identifies the engines by ECU#

I let him know up front I had doubts about doing business with him as his company was tied to Japan Star Motor Inc, that the NY branch had a terrible reputation and the Miami branch wasn't so good either. He didn't make excuses, agreed they had problems they were still working on, then explained that each branch was a separate franchise. Japan Star motor imports the engines, then distributes to the franchises. He said JDM Engine Pro specializes in high performance motors, like the 3 rotor Mazda.

He had the Avenir engine I wanted but I was still skeptical so I ask for a video of the engine being tested.

Now for the good part!

Within 2 hours he had e-mailed me back with a youtube video ( ) of the leakdown test.
That video was still up as of this this morning and shows the serial number of the engine and each cylinder being tested dry and cold. The e-mail included 6 pictures of the engine, engine serial number and it also included the ECU #.

I got the engine for 1300.00 shipped. My receipt was emailed immediately and included this info: Description : JDM NISSAN SR20DET AVENIR GT FWD. - SERIAL #: 763279A, ECU # 2371095N11. When the engine came in the turbo # was 14411-wf500. (production date 2000-2002).

I ordered on a Monday and it was shipped Tuesday. I had the motor delivered to my mechanics instead of home and he was curious after seeing the video and so he did a leakdown test. He said the numbers on each cylinder were better than the video.

Anyway, I'm pleased. Chris was Nissan knowledgeable, easy to talk to, (he picks up the phone himself) and patient with my suspicious questions about his company. So here the contact info for anyone else who's looking:

Chris Khan TEL: 562-697-0777 or toll free 855 697-0777. info@jdmenginepro .com
JDM Engine PRO (Japan Star motor Inc)
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2014-03-10 10:43:02
Glad that worked out for you. W11s are the shit. They spool up faster than anything ive delt with and the fact that you can still hear that bb rolling after the car is turned off gets extra points.
2014-03-10 14:18:33
Yeah, those are surprisingly nasty little turbos!

The important thing for me was that this seller was ready to send me a VIDEO and serial numbers before I bought.

I bought a W11 two years ago and the #1 cylinder never went above 110 lbs. It's down to 90 lbs now and still runs, but thats why I was so careful this time.
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