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Thread: I hate our clutch cables - going hydraulic

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2014-03-04 07:02:29
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Interesting, at only $18 bucks it's a worth a shot. I still always carry an extra clutch cable with me in the trunk when I drive the car. Left stranded 4 times in about 3 different cars from them.

You said to place a napkin by clutch pedal, what about removing the cable from the firewall housing? does it have enough power to get the lubricant UP the cable at that point? the silver housing held in by two 12mm bolts, I think that could hinder it making it up the little "incline" to get down to the pedal

Well for me it was easier to do it by unhooking from the transmission but if you want to do it that way you can by unhooking it from the pedal and lifting the cable in the air while you do it allowing the lube to flow down and put a rag by the transmission side of the cable.. Not sure about not unhooking it from the pedal though
2014-03-04 07:05:22
Cool thanks, I'll try it your way. I hate attaching and detaching at the pedal. Such a PITA.

I almost forgot something - gear oil. NEO RHD 75W-90? Anyone use it? Not cheap; our trans takes 4 quarts (1 gallon) I found on Amazon.com for $89.99. Anyone see it cheaper?
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2014-03-05 04:10:48
Well, my gallon of NEO RHD 75W-90 gear oil is on it's way by Thursday; new Clutchmasters FX500 PP & 6 puck disc will be here either Friday or Monday. So next week its time!!

Heated garages R awesome. Although I'd rather be out in the 74 degree temps with the fresh air in June...

2013-2014..after the coldest, snowiest winters in decades in our area, I'M ABOUT TO BREAK
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2014-03-06 03:48:19
Never had an issue with cables. Had the stock cable in my 91 for 230k miles plus with ACT XT pressure plates and ran that setup in multiple cars with no issues. Breaking cables is due to bad adjustment (too tight) along with bracket flex.

2014-03-10 05:20:01

I had priced out the majority of parts needed for the hydro conversion with a new CM FX500 6-puck for mid $260's from THMotorsports, but now on hold, and I apologize if anyone knows them personally but for me they were lousy w/ customer service. I ordered it, my card was charged immediately, but then 2 days later I get an email saying it's out of stock and they don't know when they're getting more. I replied with:

"Do you guys have the 4 puck in stock?"

I receive the reply:


I'm like um ok, emailed them even though I didn't really want it anyway but at least wanted a price for the 4 puck and I never heard back, been a week. Just finally saw the refund for it now at the bank, does anyone have another site/vendor for a decent price ($290 or less) for the Clutchmasters FX500?
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2014-03-10 07:15:09
Get it from a vendor here
2014-03-10 23:33:25
I'm trying. A bunch said the same thing, that it would be better to just get it on eBay. I just found it somewhere else and ordered it, waiting for a shipping confirmation..
2014-03-11 00:08:18
P.S. You can call THMotorsports, speak to a human being and get a cheaper than advertised price.

But, if possible, support a vendor on here. I bought carbotech pads and goodridge brake lines from THMotorsports and was very happy with the service, price, and speed I received.
2014-03-11 16:26:22
why fx500 on an n/a car? competition stage 2 is a great clutch
2014-03-11 21:06:17
Originally Posted by ga16eats
why fx500 on an n/a car? competition stage 2 is a great clutch

Dude, it has 206WHP, N/A.
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