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Thread: options for upgraded cv axles?

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2013-12-02 05:52:16
options for upgraded cv axles?
changed my oil yesterday and realized a couple cv boots where leaking. before i repair the boots and possibly the cv joints/or just replace the axles i was curious if there are any options for upgraded lsd axles? i don't have abs so no worry there, and i only have a ve with about 215-220hp from the crank(a guess) so its not like I'm running huge power but upgrades for possible future hp is always nice i guess driveshaft shop used to have axles but i couldn't find them
2013-12-02 06:49:55
So far in my opinion out in the market there aren't to much to choose from either OEM or good remans. This is how I look at it in my personal view:
Better than broken ones
*Anybrand from any local Auto Parts (Remans or New)
*New(Cardone or EMPI) Find them cheap here and also hopefully its the right axles tendency of sending wrong axles(www.rockauto.com)
*OEM ones (Green Ones=Better Material)(parts.nissanusa.com) or Try finding some for sale (New/Used) on the classified.
*Custom Axles; www.driveshaftshop.com
Other option if is leaking
*Re-Build your own;
Find cheap herewww.rockauto.com Look under CV Joint Boot->(RAYBESTOS or DORMAN)
How to Link:How to: Replace axle boot
Inner Axle Boot Replacement W/Pictures
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2013-12-02 07:55:54
awesome info, thanks. which year/model had the green axles? whats the difference?
2013-12-02 08:12:59
holy sh*#, didn't realize oem part sites wanted $400+ per axle

so, the question now is, which company have people had better luck with... EMPI or Cardone? cardone is a bit cheaper but their product info is very close to empi's and more detailed
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2013-12-02 10:27:45
Green ones are usually OEMs. They are just made of better quality internal & external parts. Rather than cheap material like some reman factory companies. That's probably why they're so expensive.

I have herd goods and bads with EMPI there is a thread if you search about them I can't look it up right now since I'm off a cell phone. I have never try them I have used Cardone and Advance Auto very good reman quality. You also got put into consideration the part the is used to reman.
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2013-12-02 10:50:57
Raxles but you have to send him real OEM axles first
2013-12-02 11:34:44
Contact GregV at Gspec. Ask for the ISO certified Chinese axles. Best bang for the buck. I think they're priced about half of what OEM costs.
2013-12-02 16:04:32
I sell quality aftermarkets as well.
2013-12-02 16:28:01
@Jimithin7000 How much is your price bud.
2013-12-02 17:06:08
Send an inquiry to mike over at insane shafts and see if he would build some.
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