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Thread: injectors failing

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2013-10-22 18:30:05
injectors failing
What causes injectors to just fail ?
Is it random,or can something cause this.

I have a car that had 4 new aftermarket(non Nissan) injectors(259cc on a DE)
I replaced one that failed with a high mileage Nissan one from a parts motor when I got the car .
About 1000 miles later I lost a second one....same thing,put in a spare I had.
Now today(another 500-600 miles later,a third one has failed.

Its a good thing the SR on 3 cyls runs like a "GA16/subaru hybrid" so I could drive it home on 3 cyls.

So I have one more non nissan injector left and I am sure it will fail soon too.
I wonder if theres something shortening the life or are they just shitty injectors.?
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2013-10-22 19:15:49
Is it always the same cylinder?
2013-10-22 19:16:52
Its possible that the non oem injectors are not made well. its also possible some one ran injector cleaner through them which will cause the coils to fail.
2013-10-22 20:15:06
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Is it always the same cylinder?

well it was cyl1,then 2 now 3.4 still has an aftermarket one and its firing.

And I have just been outside swapping in some others and cant get it to work ....but I am not using"known good " injectors .
I was hoping to not have to pull the rail .
2013-10-23 01:30:53
injectors failing
Measure the resistance across the injector, then monitor the battery voltage at cruising rpm. From here you can find the current. Low resistance equals high current, high resistance equal low current. Too much current will burn up a coil.
2013-10-23 02:25:32
I have never had any luck with those stock injectors....370's mainly.... 259's never failed on me tho...
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