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Thread: P11 touring car - $30k

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2013-08-21 19:09:07
LOL! @hammerin hank, that car (ex-Matt Neal car) wasn't even a full works special, but a privater with several key works equipment and personnel. Matt drove the wheels off that thing and won a race or two and podium many times among the works crowd.

Boy were these things hooked up back in the BTCC heyday
2013-08-21 19:50:54
Originally Posted by Kariba
that thing looked like it was glued to the tarmac

I'd say. It was hanging with what looked like an F3 car....
2013-08-21 19:55:04
Originally Posted by eric96ser
... Only issue I can think of, is where would you be able to race that here?

2013-08-21 19:59:15
That primera s the real deal guys. Along with its heritage it's a steal. My only concern would be damaging it in a race. Belongs in a museum or something.

Giniel won the SA touring car 4 consecutive years. The nissans dominated BMW, Opel, Audi etc. it was amazing racing back in the day.


Sure you can mark more power now. But these things raced under a lot of restrictions like rpm etc. I believe these were 88mm bore with shortened stroke. Omega slipper pistons, pectel management, sequential gearboxes, 14mm lift cams etc etc. CR was high 13's. There was a lot of r&d exchanged between the local guys and the guys in the uk. The guy who builds some of our street motors here used to be one of the engineers who built the engines for this nissan team.
2013-08-21 20:23:24
These bad boys in action...

The regular starting grid ...
2013-08-21 21:19:31
88mm x 82mm were most of these racing engines with an 8500 RPM class limit.
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