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Thread: Internal Trans HELP!

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2013-07-11 18:08:42
Internal Trans HELP!
Hey guys, need a little help. I'm replacing my input shaft and gear stacks due to my input shaft bearing blowing up and damaging the seal which caused a severe gear oil leak and without me knowing about it, third gear went out. Anyways, as I was taking my trans apart I didn't have any intentions of replacing gear stacks so I could see what happened and what not so I didn't pay attention to small parts. Luckily I found the other small parts. I found my input shaft bearing balls all over inside and what not. Well, I need an answer about the 2 check ball springs. I found only 1 smaller ball compared to the input shaft bearing balls and found out where it goes. Well, I need to know if there is suppose to be another ball where the thinner longer spring goes. I figured the 1 small ball I found came from the hole where the thicker spring goes. Is there suppose to be 2 of those balls? Here is a pic of what I'm talking about. I circled the 2 springs and a question mark about if there is suppose to be another ball that goes in before the longer thinner spring.


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2013-07-11 18:34:16
I'm pretty sure those balls only go in the hole, with the spring on top, and that's it. They work against the striking rod to produce detents and resistance. Thinking about the way it works, there's no reason for a ball to be on the upper end as well. It wouldn't accomplish anything. These passages aren't for fluid flow control, they are to provide detents in the shift action.

The FSM exploded view should settle this easily.
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2013-07-11 19:12:27
I understand about the balls going inside those holes, but to understand better, are there suppose to be 2 of them 1 for each hole where the springs go? If that's the case, I missing one. Right now I have one in the top left hole where one of the springs go. It's just the other spring I don't see in the pic of a ball inside that hole. Unless It's a bigger ball than the small one I have in the other hole. I looked at the FSM, and it shows that 1 ball and spring goes into the hole in the top left of the pic, but doesn't show for the other spring. I also saw 2 different balls go into a hole for the reverse check plug? which I'm sure I didn't open that up. As I'm only asking about the two springs in the pic
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2013-07-11 19:42:50
figured it out, only one ball. The other balls I saw are for the reverse control which I did not take out. I didn't look carefully in the FSM. Saw the other spring where the longer rod goes and no ball.
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