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Thread: B13 Carpet Removal Airbag Equipped Vehicle

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2013-05-04 19:54:18
B13 Carpet Removal Airbag Equipped Vehicle
Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to remove the carpet from my NX. The problem is that the Airbag harness is in the way. Has anybody removed the carpet from an Airbag equipped vehicle? If you have how did you manage to remove the carpet with the airbag harness in the way?
2013-05-05 01:17:12
I just did this a couple months ago. After you take out the obvious stuff like seats, trim, and arm rest it gets a little trickier. If you're referring to the air bag harness that goes under the arm rest just unplug and remove the sensor, and swing the harness out of your way. You have to remove the seat brackets by the sensor as well. The ecu+bracket has to come out too, and the metal support brackets right in front of that for the center console. They come apart in three little pieces at the bottom, so you dont have to remove all of those larger metal pieces up top. The center console brackets was the hardest part for me because you have to pull the carpet back to find the nuts.

Just take your time and you'll find all of the little stuff that needs to be removed, and there's a lot of it. Remember, when messing with airbag stuff, to disconnect your negative battery cable 10 min or so prior to unplugging any related harnesses, and you'll be fine.

Edit; You'll need a T-50 tamper proof socket to remove the airbag sensor bolts. The only place I found those type of sockets was at Summit Racing Equipmet. Heres the set I bought http://www.summitracing.com/parts/wmr-w1385/media/images
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2013-05-10 00:17:18
a sharp ass razor blade saves a lot of time....
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