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Thread: DE-t b13 issue's

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2013-04-25 17:55:42
Running a turbo car without wideband is silly imo.. to easy to fuck shit up.. not to mention diagnosing problems.. at this point you dont know if your too rich or to lean..prob too rich lol.

Its funny how people trust jwt tunes.. each car is different an even small changes can drastically effect afr..
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2013-04-25 20:11:44
yea the afr on my car is way off!!! ive been loookin for a wideband. ive heard that a couple times before not to trust the jwt tunes
2013-04-25 20:14:49
I've never had a problem with the JWT tunes - Clark tends to stays conservative I know which I've always been fine with.
2013-04-25 20:26:05
im not saying jwt doesn't know how to tune a car, or cant get you in the ball park.. but when you have a wideband and you make tiny changes and the afr changes you gotta retune that shit.. for a jwt ecu thats $100 and you have to ship them the ecu and wait to get it back..

what works on 1 car / engine doesn't always work on another.
2013-04-25 20:28:13
that what my buddie was telling me to do just send it in and have them retune the ecu.
Would you recommend running a bigger fuel pump?!? because I still have the stock one on
2013-04-25 20:32:22
yea i'd get a bigger fuel pump for sure.. but more importantly a wideband and nismotronic/nemu.
2013-04-25 21:13:28
A uprated fuel pump is always good, thou to do it right, add on an adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator and a Fuel Pressure Gauge.

Walbro Fuel pumps can be found for $100, or a Z32 for more. Thou I have both, I prefer the Z32 one personally.
2013-04-25 21:40:02
Probly gonna grab a wideband and bigger fuel pump asap

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Any idea on the idle going crazy after i get on it?
2013-04-25 22:24:27
Exhaust Leak between Cylinder head and O2 Sensor causing O2 sensor to give ECU incorrect info is a possibility.
2013-04-26 20:15:09
anyone got any ideas on why when I get on it the idle jumps to 3k plus and stays steady there
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