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Thread: AAC Valve wires

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2013-04-10 04:49:31
AAC Valve wires
So. Long story short i changed my knock sensor Monday afternoon. Tried from under the car and decided to take off the intake and get it from the top. After the usual "SR20 has to fight ya tooth and nail" i got it in. Putting it all back together and go to attach the AAC valve to the bottom of the intake and i can't find it. Seems someone who owned the car cut the AAC connector wiring and instead of butt connectors or such they twisted the 2 wires together and electrical taped them. The wires pulled apart and the AAC fell to the ground. Well i could only find 2 wires, coming off the harness that goes to the temp sensors, that were bare. So i assumed they were the 2. I butt connected the AAC harness to them and decided i was sick of dealing with trying to get the AAC off the intake and bypassed it. I plugged the 2 connections on the intake and just left the AAC valve tie strapped out of the way. I put the car back together. Start the car and the idle shoots to 2500. Then bounces between 2000-2500 till it starts to warm up. Once it's warmish it lowers but bounces between 1500-2000.

I searched and came across the many AAC posts on here and it seems others have bypassed it and not had a problem, while others have had probs. So i'm not sure if it's the fact that i bypassed it or if the wires i "think" go to it don't. I know this is a longshot but does anyone know the color of wires that go to the AAC or if possible do the harness wires tie in with the temp sensor wires in the factory harness?

I checked my ecu before i restarted the car to reset it. It showed me the knock sensor code ( 3, 4 ) and IACV/AAC code ( 2, 5 ). So my IACV might be acting up. But i've never had a seriously bouncy idle. So at first when it started bouncing i was thinking maybe the IACV took a shit when i took the intake off. But i doubted it. And once i read on here about the AAC i'm thinking that might be it. But i sure as hell don't want to fight to get it back on the intake and put back together to still have the problem because i dont have it wired correct. Thanks for any help.
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